Two Jordanian movies

I just finished watching Ameen Matalqas‘ two Jordanian short movies and they were both a delight. Suffi Suffi (in Arabic) was hilarious and even made me homesick. Crossroads (with English subtitles) was very well made but ended on a sad note. It is worth mentioning that Crossroads was written and co-produced by our friend and Jordanian blogger Lina. Excellent work, Lina. And the editing was done by yet another Jordanian blogger Laith . Are not they just great? The best thing about watching these two movies — for me at least — was hearing the Ammanite accent and seeing beautiful scenes in Jabal Amman. Ah Jordan, I miss you.

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  1. OMG ! Suffi Suffi was hillarious… I laughed so hard I cried ! Typical 3awa6liye , it seems that they’re the same in all arab countries … Syria included ! Just a question , are even licence plates Tribal-specific ?
    On a more serious not , Crossroads left me with a bitter taste . . . You see these children in Cairo,Damascus,Amman and many other capitals, when will child labour be illegal in practice and not just in theory , when will families have socail security and when will all these useless social workers get off their behinds and do something about it, deserving their salaries… how about roaming the streets…
    There are many Irani and Pakistani children in Dubai , they like all their friends all over the world , risk their lives everyday running between cars , its like avoiding getting shot at , except here you get run over, waiting for the traffic lights to change.. selling bogus cigarettes , lighters or stolen goods , I cant help but always imagine their useless Fathers who sit at home all day and live off their kids.(sorry i got carried away , but it makes my blood boil)
    Excellent work Ameen , Lina and Laith and thanks so much for sharing Natasha… I’m a fan now 😉

  2. I am sad that you are homesick !!!! But you are not only the one who is home sick.
    Abu 3azar

  3. Thank you so much for the support Natasha 🙂 3n jad it means so much!!!
    Oh and I hope people in Amman will still go to the official screening even if they’ve seen it online ;p

  4. Hello Natasha and friends.
    I was wondering if you could help me. I have been searching for a Jordanian film for some time. It’s called “al Mas3oor” (the Frenzy or something like that) and haven’t been able to find any news about it. Apparently its about a guy who gets bit by a rabid dog and goes insane. A close friend of mine from Jordan said she saw it and has been terrified of dogs ever since.
    Speaking of dogs, now that you live in the USA, do you not find the dog culture of North America rather odd? People here have tremenduous problems with establishing close relationships, yet establish extraordinarily intimate relationships with their dogs! I mean, people would throw their own flesh and blood in the street yet would pick up the steaming sh** of their dogs with their bare hands!!! Strange place, and I’m an authority since I grew up here. Please let me know about al Mas3oor if you know of it.

  5. You know, I used to laugh at how ridiculous people are with their dogs in America. But then one days I decided to get my own dog. I raised him and loved him so much that I got a second one. They are the most fascinating creatures. Two comedians. They always surprise me with what funny things they do. But the big thing that they added to my life is that they taught me to enjoy the most simple pleasures, like taking a walk. They make you a kid again because they teach you to be simple.
    Also, there’s a reason they call dogs “man’s best friend”. Three years ago, DNA researchers found that the K9 DNA and Human DNA are almost identitcal. (

  6. Dear Daedalus,
    First of all welcome to Mental Mayhem. No I haven’t heard of this movie, but I will ask around, I promise:-) As for the dogs culture here, well, it did not really surprise me much cause I have seen it in different places in Europe. I’m a pet-fan so I’m really not bothered by it.

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