When will this end?

We were away all day. But as soon as we got back we heard about the horrible bombings in Sharm el Sheikh. Can anyone tell me what’s going on? Why is the world becoming such an ugly place? When will this bloodbath end? It is just sickening, disgusting and barbaric! ENOUGH!

We were in Sharm el Sheikh last year and had such wonderful time. Back then they used to advertise Sharm el Sheikh as the "peaceful city." I guess this no longer applies. Okay, I’m depressed. I’m going to sleep.

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  1. I am originally Egyptian and I can tell you this is targeted to destroy Egypt’s number one hard foreign cash earner.
    Just last week, Egyptian touristic minister announced more beds – tourist beds – rooms for new tourists by the year 2010.
    Egypt is heading for record tourists every year and upgradeit all airports now.
    This is very tragic. Ayman Thawahri, bin Laden’s follower, is originally an Egyptian doctor and hates his government. They want to destroy economy to bring economic despair and bring down government.
    And explosion in Lebanon tonight also, Mental Mayhem.
    very bad everywhere…and talk of syria iran invasions…

  2. how the crazy actions will be ended..every thing has an end…we deserve better life…give us a chance to think about our kids future…next..?..what we have next?..we deserve better life..better future..its very hard and sad times..wish we can do any thing to stop this tragedy.

  3. Violence stops (Only) when the world wakes up to give justice and peace for the terrified Palestinian children under Israeli occupation ,once this is achieved ,then the rest of the world will stand to put an end to such atrocity’s and all will not tolerate more violence .We are sad and condemn all acts of terror ,but how many times we heard or seen any sympathy to strive of the Palestinian children ? yes several times from the free Israili press.

  4. Atrocities

    I’m still in shock about last night’s Sharm Il-Sheikh bombings- two weeks after the first London bombings and a couple of days after the second, yet more innocent souls have passed away as causalities of terro

  5. This violence will never end. When you have savages that will kill themselves, and others, for their fanatic beliefs there is no way to negotiate a peaceful outcome. They have made a Bay’ah with the Devil.
    I believe we are in the midst of the Apocalypse, and Gods wishes will be done.
    Cherish every moment we have with loved ones, places we visit, things we do that we may take for granted at the moment, nature, etc… because it or you may be changed in an instant. It’s not always death that terrorist achieve, sometimes through their evilness they change our perception or innocence of an idea or reality.
    God Bless us all.
    Take care.

  6. The fanatics believe its Allahs will, the governments and government opposition groups use them are political tools, etc. The fundimental problem here being that ‘justice’ is a distorted view for most of these people. The west sees justice as that which allows the greatest number of people to coexist, with only the incidental violence generated by the occational insane person. Radicals in the ME see justice as, “Making the world conform to our view and our view only, which includes the principle that ***I*** am more important than anything else in the entire universe, even my own brother, sister, mother, father or child, save for Allah, who has given me permission to kill everyone that ***I*** feel has dishonored me.” This isn’t justice, it isn’t law and it is a self impossed slaverly to insanity, so not ‘free’ either. But, to those that believe it, it supported ‘their’ freedom to do anything they want, within the bounds of their delusional belief in Shiria and provides them with ‘justice’ for all things that offend them. It *is* rather the behaviour of animals, written as religion, and it won’t stop until the ‘humans’ stop calling them heroes for supposedly defending the Arab world and the Muslim religion by acting like animals.

  7. Kagehi??? You Arab? You Muslim? You live in the mideast? You ever talk to an Arab? Or a Muslim?
    Meanwhile, this is classic of the Brits. Nice one, I say.

    LONDON – Police identified the man who was chased down in a subway and shot to death by plainclothes officers as a Brazilian and said Saturday they no longer believed he was tied to the recent terror bombings.

    Friday’s shooting before horrified commuters prompted criticism of police for overreacting and expressions of fear that Asians and Muslims would be targeted by a “trigger-happy culture” after two well-coordinated attacks in two weeks.

    Police expressed regret for the death of the man at the Stockwell subway station, identified Saturday as Jean Charles de Menezes, 27. Witnesses said he was wearing a heavy, padded coat when plainclothes police chased him into a subway car, pinned him to the ground and shot him about five times in the head and torso.

    So, now if you look funny, cough, laugh, twitch, have beardt, read band books…you will be killed. Epilaptic? Get Seizures? Now you terrorist!

    Why dont you give them yellow stars of david or sorry, cresents.
    Beautiful story, people never learned. Poor man.

  8. Just another infidel

    “Can anyone tell me what’s going on? Why is the world becoming such an ugly place? When will this bloodbath end?”
    It’s called Islam. Simple as that.

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