Jordanian in the North Pole


My friend S (aka the cook) sent me this picture of her recent trip to the North Pole. Now isn’t this cool! What amused me in this picture is the fact that even in the North Pole she made sure to wrap the Jordanian red scarf around her neck! Aseeleh, as we say in Jordan! [Click to enlarge]

11 thoughts on “Jordanian in the North Pole”

  1. The North Pole is located on the ice of the Arctic Ocean; there aren’t any rocky hills or cliffs there 🙂

  2. North Pole or not, I think this picture is very cute 🙂 your friend seems to be having such a good time… and yeah the Jordanian scarf can be a very cool winter accessory, I love it 🙂

  3. What a wonderful heritage. You guys should be proud of such an invention. Isn’t this the same piece of cloth that suicide bombers wrap around their foreheads ? Maybe different color though ( only different in the dye used.)

  4. Well Jareer with all do respect but your sarcasm doesn’t make much sense here… this scarf ( and the white and black scarf) has been part of our traditional dress for so long, it is part of the heritage and a beautiful one it is, yes I take pride in it. Sometimes when dad works in the garden in the cold weather or wants to paint the fence or something he wraps it all around his head… yes it might look like those suicide bombers you see on television, but guess what; that doesn’t mean they represent this heritage anymore than they represent the principles of Islam as they claim!!

  5. Jareer, it indeed is a wonderful heritage, and as Lina said, your sarcasm is illogical! These bombers also wear the epitome of the all-American deal- jeans!
    The 7etta is a beautiful part of our heritage, regardless of color and region it represents.

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