The sister is here!

Tania at the Lincoln MemoriaMy sister Tania has arrived here from New Hampshire and we’ve been busy for the past two days showing her around DC. Yesterday she had a big day taking an all day DC bus tour, which she enjoyed tremendously. She got to see most everything historic that this diplomatic city has to offer, including the White house, Capitol Hill, Arlington Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial among others.

Unfortunately I could not join her on the tour as I had to work but I met her and the husband right after she finished exploring at the Barnes & Noble in Georgetown. From there we made our way around the corner to the Kennedy Center, where we attended a wonderful Blues concert by a group dubbed the Moonlighters.

Following the concert we headed back to Maryland for some shopping and then wrapped up the day with a little Domino’s pizza at home. Tania left this morning for Alabama but will be back here in a few days for more exploring and family bonding. Life is good.

22 thoughts on “The sister is here!”

  1. That’s wonderful Natasha 🙂 I agree, nothing beats family bonding. Yalla enjoy it to the max! (She has cute shoes)

  2. walla its nice to see that the sis is visiting and tell her that abu karak says hi. I used to spend soooo much time at that barnes and nobles….i loved it. natsha, there are rumors circulating that i may be in DC mid march till april…for a hint why…check the kennedy center’s performances in April…Inshalla we’ll have to meet then

  3. Laith,
    Just checked the schedule, Arabian Tales right? Man, this sounds soo cool. Of cours we ‘ll have to meet by then. Best of luck.

  4. walak 3eib 3aleik ya hareega…i7term il ukht natasha oo ukhtha….hathol banat madaba wathe3hom gheir….mish inak fee arizona fa inak salem min il 3asheera….hehe…bas i also have to agree on your comment…haha
    I miss Jordanian girls

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun. Did you guys actually get to go into the white house? i would love to take a tour like that one day.
    and natasha, i still didnt hear from you as to what your new job is?

  6. Er..hrmmm.. I been living in Alabama for the past 17 years almost. Ma 3omry shofet hal (shagfeh) as hareega would put it.
    I need to get out more often.
    Kidding kidding, ana metzawej ew 3addady galeb.LOL

  7. wooohoooo! I have to agree with all the guys.. Tania is (and has always been) a SHAGFEH!! Woohooo — Agwa Nou3!! Man – i think I need to get out more! LOL
    Give her my best – is she still proud to be part of my 7afartali tribe?
    Love – Dalia

  8. ana 3ashan si7tak ya abul 7arayeg. You should have used less hoowash inducing terms…tage3…mistashgifeh…come on man.
    you should say that she’s a gutwah…garoouta…less vulgar terms…hehe..
    sorry natasha for all this talk about the sis.

  9. haha Laith ejeet itka7elha 3ameet-ha 😀
    gutwah, garrootah lool
    el wa7ad be7ki geshta, haitaliyyeh….
    natasha 3anjad 3anjad sorry i’ll stop talking

  10. walak hareega, abook ba3athak 3ala amerika tihmal? bisharafi batojjoh talaphone hassa3..ista7i 3ala dammak; qaraba hathol…san7ak!

  11. wak jameed ya zalameh ana golt i’ll stop talking lazem teeji o teftha7na ya3ni , haragtni
    but if you’ll call my father tell him to send me some jameed ma3 el 7ajjeh she’s coming in september
    o gimme a call bas teftha
    Natasha khalas i swear i won’t comment on the topics unless it’s relevant .. el wa7ad battal ye3raf ytagges hal ayyam

  12. Natasha… let the talk , 3asham ibless hahahaha , Your sister is kteeer 7ilwe , yikhzee il 3ein , but she (sorry guys) is Bradd Pitt material… now that he is available… just a matter of time … amar both you and your sis !

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