Last night in Amman

Amman at night

While sifting through our photo archive, I came across this night picture of Amman that the husband took last May one day before we left Jordan for the US. The picture was taken from the roof of Wild Jordan Café, showing al-Qala and that giant flag pole. That night we took my mom (aka Zeezo) for her first trip and dinner at Wild Jordan. If my memory serves me correctly, I recall then running into Lina that night. She was there spending quality time with her sister. It is also worth noting that this picture was probably the last picture we took with our Canon A80 before selling it that very night to the one and only Isam. Ah, I’m homesick!

8 thoughts on “Last night in Amman”

  1. The picture is amazing! Yeah I remember that evening 🙂 I had just finished my Power Electronics exam (grrr), my sister came to pick me up from uni and on the spot we decided go do sit someplace nice to catch up on all the talking we had been too busy for earlier!! Nothing beats quality time with sisters 🙂
    it was nice meeting Jeff and your mom (whom by the way, I really admire) I ran into her again a couple of times in the neighborhood!
    Oh and I gotta say; I love Wild Jordan!

  2. Dudu Natasha, it’s ok to be homesick but don’t let it bog you down…When you feel like that, just go to Kramer’s or a nice park and remember that we don’t really have those things in the Middle East. Plus, Jordan isn’t going anywhere 🙂

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