The atrocity continues!

Shepherd gets 6 months for murdering his sister

AMMAN — The Criminal Court has sentenced a 26-year-old shepherd to six months in prison for the murder of his older sister in April 2005. A. H. was tried at the Criminal Court on charges of shooting to death his 35-year-old sister in her house on April 25.

The court decided to amend the premeditated murder charges originally pressed against A.H. to a misdemeanor as stipulated in Article 98 of the Penal Code because the defendant killed his sister in a “fit of fury.”

Source: [The Jordan Times]

I’m so sick of this crap! Is that what he gets?!? Six months!! Is human life that cheap? It really is outrageous! When will this stop? For how long are these murderers going to get away with slaughter? I strongly blame Jordanian members of parliament that turned down suggested amendments to the Penal Code to scrap the "fit of fury" Article. Why on earth would they want this to continue? Why on earth would they insist on letting murderers get away with such evil? Until when will they continue to dehumanize women? When will they stop dragging Jordan into the Dark Ages? I have had it!

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  1. Okay, I have to say it. Before the King and the government acts like they are trying to modernize by giving non jordanians the right to own land and build resorts up the wazzoo, they better do something about this pathetic excuse of a law.
    I am so sick oh hearing that Jordan is modernizing from people in the government. As long as this law stays in place, and these murderers only get these kinds of sentences, then Jordan will stay backwards. As long as 50 percent of a countries population is considered as second class citizens, that country will never be succesful. Shame on the Jordanian government!
    You know Natasha how you refer to the terrorists in Jordan as blodd suckers, i think you should include these men (who have to kill their female relatives to reinforce their manhood) in that description.

  2. Linda,
    You have a point here but remember that the Royal Family is totally against this law and are for abolishing honor crimes. For some reason, some parliamentarians in Jordan support these reduced sentences.
    And yes, these murderers are bloodsuckers!

  3. Natasha, I do understand your frustration and you are absolutely right! These outrageous verdicts should be terminated and there should be a true reform in the penal code law or any other laws in that concept, whether in Jordan or in any other Arab country. However, in order to stop “dragging Jordan to the medieval ages” and stop dehumanizing women and other underprivileged members of society, a real action is needed!
    Real action starts by bringing these issues up to public awareness, on daily basis, holding demonstrations, NGO’s lobbying, appealing to higher courts no matter what we think about the Judicial system; as long as it’s there, we owe to give it the benefit of the doubt and try our best…hard to believe sometimes but we cant just step aside..
    Natasha, I believe in your true intentions and your respectful journalism work, but frankly, when you said that you “Had it”, I couldn’t help myself from wondering how can we really make a change when our best members of society, those who have the capacity, those who are well educated, those who we are proud of, are, and without noticing, raising our voices to the void, addressing our problems in English, blogging for the whole world but to the Arabs! Why among almost 99% of these great Jordanian or Arabic blogs in that matter, none is written in Arabic? Have we lost faith in our capability to make a difference? Can’t we express ourselves in our mother tong language anymore? Are we that far and away from our reality? Are we that weak that we need the “others” to hear us and tap on our shoulders?
    Writing about these issues in foreign languages and to the world is important, but who will come and save us in the end? Who will really care? Who will stand for us at courts and parliament and demand a change? Were the French revolutionists Tahitians of Bora Bora?
    There are lots of great people around the world who feel with us and would also like to help, but we can’t and shouldn’t relay on them, the change should come from within. Nowadays Jordan is supposedly considered as a “good friend” of the Big World or who ever, but that can change in a second and we saw such changes happening a lot recently, which if happened, no one will stand by our side, no one will care about our needs, and once again, in the name of democracy and humanity we might face atrocious outcomes.
    Again, please don’t get me wrong, and this is not personal, but through out my readings in various Arab blogs and websites, I just couldn’t help but wondering why have we become like that? Are we complainers only? Is it just trendy to communicate with ourselves in a foreign style? Is it really impossible to change the current situation in the Arab regimes? Are we scuba diving in the dead sea of denials?
    I’m not Jordanian myself, and I’m in no place to judge the Jordanian society, which I deeply respect, but as an Arab and by chance a Palestinian, your desperation is my desperation and your hurt is my hurt., and everything I write here is meant for all Arab nationwide.
    In any case, and as much as it would sound naïve, I truly still believe that we can make a difference and we can change our situation, if we only start to believe in ourselves again, and clear our minds, which will eventually lead us to achieve our goals, with boldness that can’t stand any postponing.
    p.s.: Hopefully my next comment will be in arabish..

  4. I think each one of us should write a letter to the parliment member u’ve voted for stating ur anger about this farce!This is the least we can do.
    But thinking about this, I think a good portion of male Jordanians are with this…Jordan is not Amman only…just pay Rsayfeh or Ma’an a visit and u’ll know what I’m talking about.
    Anyways,80% of the parliment members can barely read or use a PC.
    Thinking about this!Is there any Jordanian org. capable of calling a protest or starting an effective campaign?
    Our main reason of being a third world country is the oppresion of women! Women are the key in an society for a better life and justice! Liberate our women and u’ll see the difference, maybe for once u don’t have to smell and wear Shibshib!!

  5. I remember it used to be article 34 how come it’s 98 now? 😀
    IF the law doesn’t change more lives will be wasted, but i’m not sure that changing it will alter people’s mentalities.

  6. Dear Nada ,
    Thank you for taking the time to write me a comment. The reason I say “I have had it” is because unfortunately I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. The battle to eradicate honor crimes in Jordan has been going on for more than a decade and still nothing has changed. The killings are still taking place and the mentalities are still the same. Although Jordan as a country is changing from the outside and looking more modern by the day, there is no inner growth and it is extremely frustrating.
    As for Arab blogs being written in English, I can’t speak for others but I can tell you my story. For the past 10 years or so I have been writing solely in English as I wanted my writings to reach a global audience and not be restricted to my small community. I guess back then I thought that by writing in the universal language I could attract a bigger audience and thus increase my chances of inflicting change. So naturally after almost a decade of writing merely in English, I find it a bit challenging to fully express myself in my native language. It is unfortunate I admit, but on the bright side I have been slowly working on regaining my Arabic writing skills which once upon a time were in a very good shape. You never know maybe soon I will start blogging in Arabic.

  7. Koran 005:032 says that a Muslim can kill anyone as long as he has an excuse. So, all he has to say is that his sister was spreading corruption in the land due to an affair or a divorce or whatever, and he’s off scot-free. In fact, the Muslim wouldn’t even get six months for an honor killing if it weren’t for intense Western pressure:
    Koran 005:032 Therefore We [Allah] prescribed for the Children of Israel that whoso slays a soul except to retaliate for murder or for corruption done in the land, shall be as if he had slain mankind altogether…

  8. Mark,“corruption done in the land” and “retaliate for murder” should be proved first by solid evidence, things are not as you claim, by common sense, to say that one committed a crime without providing the proof is not BS, how come a religion of God gives the license to kill whoever we say deserves it?. In fact as a Muslim who of course knows better than you do when it comes to Islam and the Muslim society I have one word to describe what you’ve wrotten above: CRAP.
    I advice you and whoever seeks to know about Islam to ask Muslims for personal knowledge which we aquire as we are raised by the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah, and authentic resources that we Muslims approve of, we know better than interpreting verses the way we like to suit our interests and satisfy our hateful hearts.
    If he kills one soul wrongfully he kills the mankind altogether, and therefore his punishment is severe.

  9. Actually there should be a correction in the news report. Article 98 is used when the family of the victim drop the charges, and this is the number one reason these cases get handled this way. Article 34 of the law rarely applies to any of these cases as it states that the murder should happen when the person sees their spouse or immediate family member having sex and in bed, which was never the case in any of the dozens of cases we’ve heard about.
    Mark James, instead of just “browsing” the Quran, I suggest “understanding” it. No Muslim will understand the verse that you quoted the way you interpreted it, why is that?

  10. Hamzeh and SC (Sugar Cubes), From what I read in the papers, plenty of Muslims understand K 005:032 and the rest of the Koran to mean that they can kill anyone with impunity if they allege that the person was spreading corruption in the land, or had murdered someone. This verse goes a long way in explaining honor killing despite both your assersions and denials, which, by the way, you offer without any proof.

  11. Mark, please don’t ask me for proof before showing yours. At least I grew up in the country in which these crimes are happening, and it happens to be a Muslim country and I happen to know from first hand experience (not from papers) that what yo’ure saying is not true. When you grow up in this society, then you will get a true insight into why this happens and why people think like this.
    I lived, talked, and grew up with these people who would commit such crimes. Hick I even think I know a few who might actually commit them come the circumstances. And here’s a piece of information for you my friend, most of these guys who commit such crimes are not even religious to begin with, they don’t even give a damn about what the Quran says, and most importantly almost all of them don’t even know the verse you’re talking about. Even when the legislation that allows this stuff to happen in Jordan is defended, no where is this verse referred to, because very simply what is happening in these crimes is not in Islam. No one can use Islam to defend this, and no one usually does, and even if some try to (and they do sometimes), it only exposes their hypocricy.
    Maybe you don’t realize this, but not everyone in Jordan or the Arab world cares for Islam that much. Yet everyone cares about their culture, the norms, the traditions, and their culture’s values. One of the most important values for the Arabs is Honor. It brings forward all sorts of issues of how you can achieve great honor and what you have to do to defend your honor. The image of honor, when it’s achieved and how it’s defended has been forever distorted amont the Arabs. This even preceded Islam, and it was evident when it was common for an Arab man to feel shame if he had too many female children. Some even used to burry newborn female babies alive for fear of being shamed for having girls, some for fear of having their honor more vulnerable since the female gave them one more vulnerable point to worry about when it comes to defending their honor. As I said, this was even prior to Islam, and all these negative aspects were fought to great length by Islam and the teachings of Muhammed (PBUH), whos last wish from his people was to take care of their women.
    I can assure you, that what you read in the papers is wrong, and that this is not what people use to justify these crimes.

  12. Actually, having worked for nearly two years with the reporter who largely brought this issue to the fore, I’d offer the following: The ‘honor crime’ issue is not an issue of religion. Honor crimes do happen within Muslim families but in Christian families as well. Honor crimes occur in families in the highlands of Mongolia for that matter. I’m not even sure what faith they’d follow.
    Point is, most who know anything about this issue realize this is not a case of religion justifying behavior. These are long standing traditions that have existed perhaps before the foundation of Islam. They have tribal connections really, not religious ones.
    And more to the point, the issue really is quite a complex one. It’s easy to read these stories and form a reflexive opinion based upon simple logic. But it’s not a simple issue. It requires cultural sensitivity and a really long view of the issue and its prevalence globally. Finger-pointing — particularly when the blame is laid upon a particular religion — is really not helpful. What would be helpful is the repealing of a number of articles in Jordan’s Penal Code that allow the practice to flourish.

  13. Every time I hear rebuttals for Honor Killings by Arab men they go and say how that is an exaggerration and that is not how things really are and they are just painting a bad picture of Islam. Women are raped, beaten, tortured, shot, burned alive all because men feel the supreme need to preserve their honor based on the hymen between a woman’s legs. Religion or no the bottom line is that it is barbaric and inhumane. Honor Killings though prevalent in Muslim are cross culture and cross religion. If it were Christians, Hindus, Jews or any other religion performing honor killings I would still think the same way. Honor Killigns are most infamously notorious for happening in the Middle East and until the governments there start understanding the necessity of women’s rights these acts will continue.

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