A ‘Taboo’ channel

Al ‘Mamnou’ satellite TV channel begins test transmission

AMMAN (Petra) — A new independent satellite TV channel, Al Mamnou’ (taboo), has started its test transmission from Jordan on Nile Sat. Walid Hadidi, chairman of the channel’s board of directors, said the station is concerned with presenting social issues in a transparent and bold way. Al Mamnou’ will broadcast local and Arabic dramas, in addition to programmes that tackle a variety of issues, Hadidi said.

Source: [The Jordan Times]

I wonder how far this channel will go in challenging taboos and crossing ‘red’ lines. Let’s wait and see, although I have to admit I’m not optimistic.

By Natasha Tynes

Iā€™m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. The name sounds like a cheesy name for a tabloid. I hope the station does not turn into that. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

  2. wow thats what mamnou means? i thought it just mean not allowed.
    yeah but the name sounds odd. at first when i read the title i thought they were gona show porn or something :0)

  3. hahahha lol Linda. I thought exactly the same thing. I was scratching my head thinking, wow, Jordan really is changing these days šŸ™‚
    That’s one of my favorite words BTW, especially around the nieces: “La La mamnou!”

  4. They just need to do something fun, entertaining; and I will gurantee you; lots of red lines will be crossed.

  5. well, i’ve been watching this channel since 4 weeks, and i didnt find any special program for them.
    but they are showing new movies which other movies channels havent show yet.
    also there are very nice documentary movies same as the one they show on Discovery channels …
    i thought this channel will be diffrenet and will not put sms service in their channel, but they did. i think they want to make money from now so they can start.
    anyhow i just hope to see a successful jordanian channel that show somthing different than others …

  6. one more thing i dont think this channel will make the success quickly … actully am not expecting somthing good from them.
    but am waiting for Al-ghad channel to open, coz am expecting somthing very diffrenet from them, i heared that its on the way to open now.

  7. I came to watch the channel and I find my review,so far, to be similar to Ibrahim’s.
    They air good documentaries and movies. I must say I am no couch potato, consequently I do not know of what they air as a whole.
    I think it’s a good step towards catering to varied tastes.
    On another note, I ought to mention that I skimmed your wedding pictures and I absolutely love them. Live happy!

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