Will the real Norma Khoury please stand up?

A post from over a year ago generated an interesting comment recently that I thought was worth highlighting. It is from someone claiming to be the real Norma Khoury — not the author of the fabricated book dubbed either Honour Lost or Forbidden Love. The author of those titles actually used an alias, something that is apparently causing the real Norma Khoury quite a headache. Here is the comment:

Forbidden Love by Norma Khoury.

I had to read this crap bcs I have been stopped for investigation at the airport. I hate my name when people ask me about the book and point their fingers at me. I declare "My name is Norma Khoury also" I am Jordanian and I live in Amman. I am Feng Shui Consultant. The Book, which is full of crap, is NOT MINE.

PS: I have been doing Feng Shui Cures closely to many Jordanian families for the past ten years. I WOULD LIKE TO CONFIRM THERE IS NO SUCH CRAP HERE IN JORDAN.

2 thoughts on “Will the real Norma Khoury please stand up?”

  1. Hello Jareer,
    Reaching this web site you must have Internet !!!
    I am very surprised that you don’t know what is fengshui, well it is all about invisible energy “CHI” .
    It is the art and science of living in harmony with the environment. It is also the art of placement. The goal of good Feng Shui is to attract Peace, Prosperity, and Good Fortune by uniting time, space, people, and the environment as one integral entity.
    Well Jarrer if you have obstacles in your life, now you know whom to contact .
    Best Regards
    Norma Khoury

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