Saddam’s popularity in Jordan

Elaph (Arabic) has an intriguing article about the Jordanian reaction to Saddam’s trial, which is expected to start tomorrow. According to the article (Arabic), there is fierce opposition to Saddam’s trial in Jordan. Some Jordanian papers are even claiming that the person being detained is not the real Saddam but one of his doubles and that he is being put on trial simply to "increase the popularity of the American president."

Elpah went on to say that some opposition groups in Jordan have even asked for a permission to organize a rally in solidarity with Saddam Hussein! I really do not know when these groups will wake up and stop living in denial! Nobody can dispute the fact that the guy was a tyrant who committed a myriad of crimes against humanity, executing thousands of people during the days of his oppressive regime!

I really can’t fathom why these opposition groups continue to pledge allegiance to this dictator. Are they still clinging to his decade-long promise that he’ll "liberate Palestine" and "destroy Israel"? I wonder!

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  1. well said natasha.. i agree with u. the problem is that people cant seem to understand that dictators like saddam have only used their nationalistic ideas to further control and brutalize their people..i am really sick and tired of people using the palestinian cause in every occasion in order to achieve nothing other than their personal goal, and to maintain and justify being in power..

  2. It is mystical to me too, i wish i can figure out why, it has been 15 years since he has attacked kuwait and they still hold the same stand..

  3. I agree with Jameed, their support to Saddam is merely a way to show their hatred to the States, according to “Hegemony” Victors are doomed to be hated and those who hate them resort to the victors’ enemies.

  4. These same idiots are the same ones that deny the Holacaust ever happened. They will support anyone that supports the destruction of Israel.
    Saddy was their last hope, but now they have OBL which as the past polls show most muslims support in principle. And how can they not support OBL in principle … his goal it have a global jihad to install a global Islamic government which is exactly what the Koran calls for at all/any cost.
    The world is in for a long hard road for a long time. It will not end in my lifetime and probably for generations to come.

  5. Jack you’ll find most of the levy in Arab countries believing in the Holocaust, actually you would also often hear “the best thing Hitler ever done was the Holocaust”. Ppl who doubt the Holocaust happened are mostly the elite, those who don’t believe the obvious, like Roger Garoudi. Anyway whether it happened or not, whether this bunch of ppl believed in it or not, they’re not stupid, they may be naive, angry, afraid… but definitely not stupid.

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    Saddam’s trial was a breaking news of the day, here is quick roundup. Some for the trial, others against. Some emotionally, others legally. Akba of IRAQ RISING says: I don’t care what happens to this man. In fact I wish…

  7. Honestly, I’m not surprised.
    None can deny Saddam was a tyrrant and should bear the consequences of being so.
    BUT, his trial should not be “sponsored”, if I could, by the illegitimate coalition forces. (Abu mahjoob’s caricature today sums up what I mean
    Apart from his Saddam’s vows to destroy “Israel”, he was one of the few chiefs that, throughout his term, stood up for their views and expressed them publicly.
    Other decision makers have sought their personal, per say, interests by recognizing “Israel” and have blanked out on the Arab league members’ mutual decision to delegimitize “Israel” until its forfeit from 1967’s green line.
    I was truly saddened by seeing a picture from yesterday’s trial in today’s paper. Not because of Saddam’s person, but of the political idol he represents. My greatest grief comes from the frustrating fact that the American’s are the ones who are truly trying Saddam using an Iraqi cover.

  8. Natasha ,I presume u r an Arab,and the fact ur blog is called mental mayhem ,u should understand the least of what our Arab history gave us as a political mayhem,and the search for Idols , we even create them ,to worship them when the true images are not present .Saddam is a symptom but not the syndrom .just pick up a map of the Arab world and feel the syndrome by counting the number of states to find the number of other symptoms .Natasha we are still and will be consumers for many years to come ,My self an Arab I regret to admit as an Arab to the fact if I to count any Arab achievements for for the past umpteen years,the result is null and void ,and if I am to go back further ,Arab chauvinist tried very hard to conceal the Arab renaissance as an Arab achievement ,by hiding a fact that through Islam as a religion all the bright names where Persian and others who contributed to Arab felasy of Achievement .So while we are sipping our tea in the cafes while our women are toiling the fields we dream of Idols and salute Saddam ,but what happens if some governor augments the price of tea and braid …..

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