The Taboo channel’s latest controversy

It seems that the new Mamnu channel (taboo channel ) that I blogged about the other day is already causing an uproar. Reader Chaya alerted me to the fact that the controversial show “Al Shatat” is currently being aired on the budding network. Chaya is not impressed with Mamnu’s decision to air the show, saying:

I don’t understand how this can happen, seeing that Israel and Jordan have diplomatic relations. It is sickening to think that these lies are alive and well in the Arab world. Do you know how I can contact the tv station itself?

The Israeli media has already picked up the story as well, calling the show “a brutal ant-Semitic series." I personally have not seen the series so I can’t really comment. I would appreciate comments from those who have actually seen the show. Is it really worth all the fuss?

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  1. “Israel and Jordan have diplomatic relations. ”
    this is “peace” between the jordanian regime and the Israelis, not peace between Jordanians and Israelis. it’s not possible to have peace when israel is still occupying and expelling Arabs. As an Arab, I cannot shake hands with an Israeli knowing what they are doing to other fellow human beings. What we have is a cease fire dictated by the imbalance of global power in favor of Israel. That’s what everyone knows but prefers not to say openly.
    ” I would appreciate comments from those who have actually seen the show. Is it really worth all the fuss?”
    Holywood has produced far more sinister films about Arabs yet no one was able to stop those films from being screened to global audiences. But everytime US or Israel shout anti-semitism, we panic. Couple of years ago, US and Israel managed to block airing of Egyptian soapopera Fares Bela Jawad. Next year they blocked Jordanian soapopera Road To Kaboul. This is the sort of freedom of expression the US wants to promote in the Arab World, the freedom to say whetever you want so long as it does not disagree with what the Amercians want. You should visit the many media monitoring websites covering US, UK and Israeli press. The anti-Arab content is mind boggling. Fact is, hate in the US and Israel is ligitimate so long as you can claim it falls under the banner of free expression and free press.
    By the same token, murder of innocents is also ligitimate in US, UK, Israel so long as you can claim it’s paret of the fight against terror. Remember the poor Brazilian who got shot in the head in UK simply for looking Arab. Not to mention the daily murder toll the US, Israel, UK inflict on Arabs, with impunity. Way I see it, I don’t give a flying cow about TV shows that offend those guys. I should be more concerned about the thousands of lives they have ruined.

  2. The program that is being aired – probably similar to the one aired in Egypt last year – is based on a forgery called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which talks about a “Jewish conspiracy” to take control of the world. Plus, it dredges up the old blood libel of Jews using the blood of Christians to make matzos. You cannot compare that with negative depictions of Arabs in movies.
    Plus, you obviously don’t know a thing about Jewish history in the Land of Israel. Jews have been living here for four thousand years. The Arabs only arrived in the 7th century and took over after a bloody conquest, murdering and forcibly converting many of the local (Jewish and Christian) population. Right now I don’t have much time to write more because I’m using a computer at a video store (don’t have one at home at the moment); but I’ll be back. {:>)

  3. “The Arabs only arrived in the 7th century and took over after a bloody conquest, murdering and forcibly converting many of the local (Jewish and Christian) population”
    This is contradicted by a few facts:
    1) there are christians in palestine today. Had they been forcibly converted to Islam, there would have been no Chrstian Arabs.
    2) Zionists claim a non-stop presence of Jews, over the centuries, in Jerusalem as the basis for their current claims. Had the Jews been forcibly converted, there would have been no continous presence of jews in Jerusalem.
    3) You made up the above claim up, considering 1 and 2. But that’s part of your freedoms of expression, isnt’t it?

  4. Batata/Sakhafat,
    Please refrain from using more than one username when you comment. We encourage healthy debate here, so please stick with one username.

  5. Huh??? I’m still shaking my head as to your ‘logic.’ Just as after the forcible conversion of Jews in Spain many Jews continued to secretly observe Judaism, so – I’m sure – did many Jews in The Holy Land. And not EVERY Christian or Jew was converted. And Jews have continued to return to the Land of Israel for the past 2,000 years, either individually or in groups. Did you know that in the mid-1800’s Jews were the majority of the population of Jerusalem? Did you know that for the past 2,000 years Jews have faced towards Jerusalem in prayer no matter where we have been? I am not saying that Arabs have no right to live here. G-d forbid! Even though Hamas and Islamic Jihad would love to get rid of me! Anyone who wants nothing more than to raise a family, earn a living, and educate their children can be my neighbor, no matter what their personal religious belief. That is how I was raised. But I will not sit quietly while being told that Jews have no rights here; there wasn’t a Holy Temple (and if there was one; it wasn’t on Har HaBait – The Temple Mount); and that the Holocaust is a lie!!! Among countless other lies told about us.

  6. Hollier Than Thou:
    The Moslems were in Spain for 8 centuries…800 years! Go check out the architecture in Andalusia, Cordoba, Gibraltar etc…Does that mean we can go there now and claim that it’s our promised land? So much for (your?) logic huh?(similarly shaking my head)
    Moreover, I believe you were misinformed regarding the ‘savagery’ of Arab conquests. Read more about the history, and I do not mean to insult you or your intelligence, but be sure to read from more than one source.
    I admire your opinion regarding peaceful neighbours because I feel the same. However, qualifying that opinion with a long disclaimer about who was there first takes most of the value away from it – you make it sound like you’re doing us a favor, and that my neighbour, is why we won’t get along until you view us as equals.

  7. The main difference between us and the Spanish example is that we continued living there throughout the past 2,000 years when others had control. There has never been a time when the Land has been empty of Jews. Do you know where the word “Jew” comes from? Where the word “Palestine” comes from”

  8. There were Palestinians all the time as well. This is pointless Chaya, no reason to talk about history, its irrelevant, the fact that it was called Palestine and not Israel pre-48 is all that matters, and you know you were the aggressors, but that doesnt matter any more. I am more interested in the fture than the past, I suggest you do the same.

  9. having diplomat relations with israel,or getting the middle east peace process into relity in the best cases never means that anyone will ever love israel or deal with it as a neighbor,or recognise a right of the jews to stay in one square meter of the holly land,peace means and only means better peacful life for the peoples of the region for now and only for this generation.
    israel is illegal and i support ahmadinajad for every word he said;and i support the peace process 110%,so lets not make unreasonable stuff out of the peace process or diplomat relations or what ever.
    i see aconstructive dialogue upthere so keep it up guys.

  10. You seem to do a lot of shaking and being appalled and so on, and very little thinking. How come you’re not appalled that this so-called government and its king-don in Amman is the largest gun-for-hire outfit in the Arab World ? One day working for the Mossad, the other day working for Saddam, and today working for the CIA. How come you’re not appalled by the thousands of lives that have been snuffed out over the years under economic deprivation, exclusion and outright murder ? Why can’t you see that bad action creates an opposite and possibly magnitudes stronger reaction ? Mr. Abdullah, and his father before him, are chiefly to blame for helping to create the conditions that led to Mr. Zarqawi’s career and his success in recruiting people ready to blow themselves up. It appears people who took to the streets in Amman have received a collective lobotomy and are unable to connect 1-2-3. Witness the reaction of the Spanish people, and weep for the pitiful backwardness of your countrymen’s political sense.

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