Ode to Magloubeh

MagloubehThursday night was a special night. Beisan, whom I’m gonna start calling the "great cook," invited us over to try her wonderful magloubeh. Oh my God, it was divine. I don’t even remember when the last time was that I had magloubeh before Thursday. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this wonderful dish laid upon the table. Naturally, I attacked the dish, paying little attention to table manners or the people around me. I ate and ate until eternity.

The great cook, pleased with my gluttony, decided to send me home with even more magloubeh. It even tasted better when I had it at work for lunch Friday. That day I realized how much I miss Arabic food. Sadly, my cooking skills are somewhat limited. I can cook bamya and some other fairly easy American dishes like a few casseroles, chili and meat loaf.

But now I have a new challenge before me. I’m going to learn how to make magloubeh. Everybody assures me it is very easy. We’ll see. It is a challenge I’m excited to take. Still high on magloubeh, I decided to make a pact: I’m will not deprive my future children from the joy of magloubeh. I’m going to learn how to make it fantastically and pass it on into future Tynes generations. Beisan, thank you for your wonderful food and for reminding me how much I miss divine Arabic delicacies.

9 thoughts on “Ode to Magloubeh”

  1. Oh my god. You are suffering from exactly the same thing I suffered from when I was away. I missed Arabic food so badly that when I was presented with it I ate like there’s no tomorrow.
    I also resolved to learn how to cook and such, but so far I have made little or no progress. I hope your luck/commitment turn out to be better than mine.

  2. Maglobet zahra or maglobit batenjaan? or maybe bandoorah? Never mind, it doesnt matter; all are yummi

  3. that does look great, but she needs one of those big jordanian ciders because it looks like its going to fall out.
    but it looks great.

  4. Natasha, don’t tell me that I learned to make maqloubeh from your mom before you did! It’s my kids favorite, glad you are going to bless your future ones with such a delicacy.

  5. Khay, khay, ya Natasha, glad you’re going to give your kids a taste of home. The only reason why my sisters and I eat Arabic food-and love it-is because my mom has always cooked it for us. And don’t worry-she couldn’t even fry an egg when she got married and she’s a brilliant cook. Everytime you cooked in Doha it was delicious 🙂 Or maybe it’s because I was always hungry

  6. Habeebty Natasha thanks for the post…Sa7tein i am glad you guys liked the food….I will cook for you anything you want anytime…I am sure you are a great cook tooo 😉

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