Drug addiction among Jordanian women

IRIN news, the UN news service, has a disturbing article about drug addiction amongst Jordanian women. Here is one ‘lowlight’:

A recently UNODC conducted Global School Health Survey indicated that, while the use of drugs like alcohol and tobacco was considerably higher among Jordanian males, the use of sleeping pills and inhalants was higher among females.

What disturbed me the most in the report was the fact that heroin use in Jordan is on the rise. Sigh!

According to Jordan’s anti-narcotics department, hashish, a marijuana derivative, had been the most commonly reported illicit narcotic in the country up until the mid-1990s. Since then, however, the interior ministry has reported rising cases of heroin. Ecstasy pills have also been seized by the authorities with greater frequency, and some predict the tablets could represent a new trend in local drug consumption.

Source: [IRIN]

6 thoughts on “Drug addiction among Jordanian women”

  1. Heroin and cocaine and you name it , drugs are available in Jordan and most people who take them are either the very rich or the very poor. Remember the trajic death of the 3 young men couple of years ago because of drug overdose???
    There are many medications which are legal like pain killers and they do help a lot of people with chronic pain, however some patients get addicted and taking them off these meds requires a huge effort. Some of these patients become addicted without them even recognizing it.

  2. Hareega is right, the rich do cocaine and the poor do heroin and saleeba (laced ecstacy). one of the three guys survived by the way.

  3. I think it was 4 days ago that I read in the newspaper that there was a drug bust, a truck with 124kg of drugs was caught comming from syria and going to saudi.

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  5. Aside from prescription drugs, which can be overused and lead to addiction (which should be monitored very carefully by the doctor), drugs which give people a ‘high’ signifies a lack in these people’s lives. I’m not talking about the occasional drink (for those of you who drink); or even the occasional joint. I’m talking about those people who cannot get through the day without drugs. I’m talking about those whose lives are so empty, that drugs is a substitute for the real high that life can give.

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