Nariman Rousan’s embarrassing statements

Khalaf drew my attention to the fact that a member of Parliament, Nariman Rousan, bluntly accused the Israeli Mosad of being behind the terrorist attacks in Jordan. She made her embarrassing statement on the most watched channel in the Arab world: Aljazeera. Here is the Elaph article (in Arabic).

Ms. Rousan, for how long are we going to live in a state of denial, refusing to believe that terrorism and extremism can come from within? I’m sorry to say this Ms. Rousan, but what you said was shameful and an embarrassment to our entire nation, particularly because it comes from someone occupying a seat in parliament. It is disrespectful to those massacred Wednesday night.

Please elevate your way of thinking and get rid of those conspiracy theories that have plagued us for years. No, Ms Rousan. It was not Mossad that did this. It was Al-Qaeda members ordered to do this by Zarqawi who, the last time I checked, happens to be a Jordanian from the Bani Hassan tribe. I am now one Jordanian who is asking for an apology from you for embarrassing us in such a way in front of the whole world

You just don’t understand Ms. Rousan, it was likely your statement that inspired The New York Times to publish this article. Shameful!

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  1. I am curious to know what a new “poll findings” will reveal following the latest tragic events in Jordan. You have posted previously some shamefull findings about how Jordanians perceived such acts when non-jordanians / non arabs were implicted. Now that those evils have hit our own backyard, there might be a change of heart !

  2. Don’t feel too bad. A Rep. McKinney, I think was her name, from Georgia accused the Bush Administration of being complicit in 911. And she got re-elected. I don’t know all the details. I think she transferred to a different district.

  3. Yeah, in every society there are people that will twist every event to confirm with their personal agenda. You saw this in spades after 9-11. You also saw it with various people blaming US policies or attributing divine wrath to hurricane Katrina or the SE Asian Tsunami.
    Hopefully, it jut helps most people spot the idiot.

  4. i heard of that earlier. I avoided mentioning names in my post but she is one of the trumpets implied in it. i am not entirely sure about this, and maybe someone can shed more light on this, but isn’t she one who always was defensive of the suicide attacks in Iraq?

  5. In the early seventies while I was still growing up in Jordan Nariman was our next door neighbor, I never thought much about her but never the less she ended up being one of the Jordanian deputies.
    Any way what I really want to say is that back then Nariman was behaving wackily, and I suppose she is still acting wackily until the present time. Which leads me to believe that once wacky is the same like always wacky

  6. while i am a big fan of conspiracey theories (real ones like JFK) this blame israel thing is getting really old, played out and down right annoying and i am so sick of it. people who say things like thins should have their right to free speech taken away, taken away i said!

  7. Regretfully, I read most of the comments about Ms. Rousan opinion in regard to the criminal acts that happened in Jordan. I am not trying to defend Nariman, rather I am trying to express my opinion as every one else. Most of the comments posted lacked logical thinking and objectivity. In order to have the readers’ respect your opinion and give it the value you think it deserves, you should support it by facts not intuition; most of what I read was just that, intuition. One reply did not have even intuition, rather it contained personal attacks that is not worthy of reading. What was Nariman doing when she was young has nothing to do with this issue; I think that some people develop bad taste with age!
    Nariman has here opinion and she is free to express it, and it is up to the reader to believe or not and that goes for all of us. Attacking her person reviles the quality of thinking of the writer. She could be wrong and she is a human being after all, but my question is this: Why is everyone is in a hurry to defend Israel? What is the motive? have not the Israelis use poison gas on the streets of Amman ? Do not the Israelis kill Palestinian kids everyday? What made Israel above this type of action? As for zerqawi, I wonder about this character. Is he a man or demon? 150,000 solders destroyed 20,000 homes and searched an area the size of Jordan and yet are unable to find him; Saddam was found and zerqawi was not; may be because there is no such thing! How come he is the enemy of America and kills Arabs only?

  8. Middle eastern tyran in a bloggers outfit. Same old tyranny but new style of wording. Why are you so upset about what she says; right or wrong. Has none to do with you. STOP MEDDLING WITH OTHER’S BUSINESS. SHAME ON YOU!

  9. Just woundering… I was born in the US and my father left 9 years ago the only thing i was left with was the rousan last name Im trying to find my brothers and sisters i was told they were in jordan,,, is this a very popular last name?

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