‘La Ya Amman’: Song condemning the terrorists attacks

Yazeed from the Jordan First blog has a link to a Jordanian song, entitled La Ya Amman. The song was made following the terrorist attacks in Jordan and is performed by a number of Jordanian singers, including Zein Awad, Nany Petrao, Fadi Ghassan among others.

Alghad has an article (Arabic) about the song. The article also includes the song’s lyrics (in Arabic). I have already listened to it a number times and I have to say it was very touching. Yes, it brought tears to my eyes. My favorite part is the line: "No matter what happens, we are Jordanians". You can listen to the song here. And read the article here.Thanks Yazeed!

4 thoughts on “‘La Ya Amman’: Song condemning the terrorists attacks”

  1. I just posted this on my site. Thanks for the link. I have a question for you that you might know. Everytime I try to type or enter Arabic into my blog and use the right to left HTML it doesnt work. Blogspot.com uses HTML so I dont know what the deal is. You can read it, it is just annoying having to look to the far left side for the last part of a sentance.

  2. thanks natasha for posting a link to the song. so sad. your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. god bless the bride and her family.

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