Terrorist attacks claims bride’s mom

The mother of a Jordanian bride whose wedding was devastated in last week’s hotel bombings died of her wounds on Thursday, bringing the bombing death toll to 59. A Jordanian official said "Hala al-Alami was in a coma. She died at 02:00". Nadia’s father, Anis, and her father-in-law, Khaled al-Akhras, died in the blast.

Source: [News24.com]

Allah Yer7amha. May her soul rest in peace. Yet another innocent victim of the evil doings of Zarqawi and his sinister supporters. Meanwhile, according to this al-Ghad story (in Arabic) some Jordanian prisoners are celebrating these vicious attacks. Unbelievable! I’m going into a deep-depression. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover.

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  1. natasha, that is exactly what these evil minded people want you happen to you. The use of terrorism is not to just directly hurt those are physically hurt, its done to instill fear in you, to think life cant continue.
    if you are depressed and down, then they win. you will over come this. remember, be strong, at least for the victims.

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