Zarqawi’s desperation

Zarqawi’s latest speech — in which he threatened to kill His Majesty King Abdallah — is a desperate attempt by a low-life thug who has realized his battle to win the hearts and minds of Arab youth is miserably failing!

I think the reason he has made these threats is simply because he was taken aback by the reaction of the Jordanian people, who took to the streets condemning the attacks and shouting loud and clear "Zarqawi, burn in hell". It is also worth noting that Zarqawi did not expect Jordanians to fully unite behind His Majesty following the attacks. With this statement Zarqawi has clearly revealed his sense of desperation. What a pathetic loser! Here is an article about this latest audiotape. Also here is Aljazeera’s article in Arabic.

UPDATE: Jordanian blogger Oleander has a good post about Al-Qaeda desperation.

By Natasha Tynes

Iā€™m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. I am glad Jordanians have united against Karqawi, lets hope it stays that way. Bin Laden and his lot have the same goals, even if they go about things a bit differently.
    Muslims MUST stand up and reclaim their religion from these demons.

  2. nothing more than what was reported in the news. he laid out 5 points for the jordanian government to abide by and he related the story of Abu Jahl in his threat to the King. I thought there was something more to transcribe but there really isn’t. His voice is annoying and i endured 27 minutes of shit just to decide to keep my post in the drafts and not post it…
    and my sources are highly classified šŸ˜‰

  3. It is so shame that his name related with one of our cities (Zarqa). we should change his name to Zaftawi (or any ugly name) from now on.
    Zaftawi and his gang fall in unexpected area, and they have reach the End.
    I start laughing this morning when I heard that news, they are so desperate, I will not stop laughing till captured that criminal and his gang.

  4. Hey guys I am not a Jordanian but trying to worn Jordanians for a fact based on my follow up of the news carefully ,Zargawi and the likes don’t make unaffordable mistakes ,specially in Jordan home country of Alzergawi .This woman it was meant for her to stay alive to be caught by the authorities for a reason an ulterior reason by her group!!!! what is this reason I don’t know .But differently she was meant to be caught ,and serve the purpose she is used for ,let us probe !!!contagious diseases a new way of attacking !!!she to check the Jordan security readiness ? and report back in one way or the other ,please do take this seriously .

  5. Ok “Jordanian”
    Lets call him “7amraawi” instead; this suits him because he has blood on his hands. For simplicity, lets abbriviate his new nick name to
    ” 7maar’

  6. You all should be ashame for being senseless, and incompetent for ridiculing Zarqawi. How many times did we the United States Of America bomb buildings by killing innocent civilians mistakenly or intentionally? Can any one in here comprehend (the nature of war and and the nature of victory) in grasping the concept — idealogies of phelosphy?
    Thank god, we the americas are not delusional like you! We understand the true nature of war. We bomb houses intentionally,(some times mistakenly)killing innocent civiliens for victory — trying to kill someone important with all means, like Zarqawi; people is call war, deal with it.
    We lost the war in Iraq and Zarqawi won, so sad; The facts hurt.
    Zarqawi is a incredible rebel, he has skills. I hate osama — if you dont agree what Zarqawi is going to establish in Iraq, well joing with the u.s troops (enlist call 1-800-Go-Guard) and help them out, becuse we are losing the war in iraq by Zarqawi group; moreover if you dont joing the army and disagree with Zarqawi, what gives you the right to criticize in what he is going to astablish over there? I am telling you all stupid people, you all make me laugh; you may demonize zarqawi but you wont fool smart people.
    note: We are going to pullout our troops; is over get over it, facts hurt — Jordan your next!
    Here’s a link how we are withdrawing our troops, we lost people — Jordan I hope your ready, your next after we leave Iraq — zarqawi is going to attack you, and thads what you get king abdulla, your a dead man walking, get ready!: withdrawing US troops from Iraq

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