A look back: Downtown Amman 1970

Downtown Amman 1970

Here is is another wonderful picture that is being provided by Mayhem reader, Abdo. This is a photo of downtown Amman in 1970 [click it to enlarge]. Once again, thanks a bunch Abdo!

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  1. Mercedes 180 and 190 used to be almost new ! They are still being used today. Amazing! How reliable .

  2. AAAAAAAAAAKH to have had wakalet il Mercedes in those days….
    It would be my personal assistant typing this for me today

  3. If places in old Amman did not get confused to me; this is the Ras-El3ane where the Tobaco Co was, going toward sagf il sale. In the background of picture, both Jofeh and part of Ashrafeyyeh showing. If you go right and up, you will get to dare il laateen. Going straight, will lead you to Italian street/Hospital.
    Oh ya Amman; how many pairs of shoes got worn out in your streets before I moved to the new world !
    People who lived in West Amman; good luck in figuring out what I am talking about.

  4. Its actually downtown .. right from the corner where the kal7a resturant is and the stairway that takes you to jabal el weibdeh.
    right behind the camera man i believe is the sarvice el weibdeh and the sa7lab and hareiseh place 🙂

  5. Its the street that now has tall palm trees in the middle with balat il rasheed/eco-tourism cafe on the right(yeah i think someone told the owner that eco-tourism was gonna be the next big thing.) Those with criminal convictions may also know it as the street with the downtown police station on the right.
    On the left hand of the road is the gold market, and whats now known as the duke’s salon.
    Unfortunatly we can see that some of the nice old buildings in the picture have disappeared, while some of the eyesores which where being built around that time have managed to survive until today.

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