Jordanian rappers condemn terrorist attacks

Jordanian rapperI just listened to a Jordanian rap tune entitled Ready by a new "local" band called Last Standing Poet. The song condemns the 9 November terrorist attacks that rocked Jordan. The song is actually not bad at all. I like how they based their piece on one of Fairuz’s songs, although, as I mentioned in a post last year, I’m a bit over Fairuzed.

Frankly, I was not aware that a rap scene even existed in Jordan. I guess things have been changing quite rapidly since my exodus. You can listen to the song here. Many thanks to Jordan First and Nasim for drawing our attention to this song. Here is a brief sampling of some of the lyrics via Jordan First.

Narrator: Hundreds of Jordanians are now marching through the streets of Amman, they’re carrying Jordanian flags and pictures of King Abdullah. The suicide bombing we’re right outside one of the hotels that was blowed up, people say they DON’T want Al Qaeda in this country, they DON’T want terrorism, they wanna live in peace.

Rapper: LSP, Last Standing Poet, 99.6. I’d like to say rest in peace, all the people who lost their lives in the 9th of November, my prayers go to your family and friends

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  1. I like it. At first I thought it would be Arabic rap, which I really dig, so I was a bit disappointed and somewhat surprised it sounded like an African American rapper. But once my ear adjusted to it, I thought it was simple and decent. Way better than that one other song that came out right after the incident. Thanks for sharing.

  2. yeah, let’s condemn terrorism and promote a local radio station at the same time!
    this comment was brought to you by Afya…Afya, bisihha w afya

  3. To be honest I would have liked the song if it wasn\t a local’s a good song and I like the fairooz mix but I am not fond of us copying the blacks simply because :we\re not!!and this is not our style or culture..I am not fond of white rappers all together..

  4. This reminds me alot of a song by Roger Waters, the man who started pink floyd, its called “its a miracle,” here is the first part of the song (mentioning jordanian rappers?).
    “Miraculous you call it babe
    You ain’t seen nothing yet
    They’ve got Pepsi in the Andes
    Mcdonalds in Tibet
    Yosemite’s been turned into
    A golf course for the Japs
    The Dead Sea is alive with rap
    Between the Tigris and Euphrates
    There’s a leisure centre now
    They’ve got all kinds of sports
    They’ve got Bermuda shorts
    The had sex in Pennsylvania
    A Brazilian grew a tree
    A doctor in Manhattan
    Saved a dying man for free
    It’s a miracle
    Another miracle
    By the grace of God Almighty
    And pressures of marketplace
    The human race has civilized itself”

  5. I’m not really into rap,especially the decedant,hedonistic American stuff…but it’s great that these Jordanian young people have used it in a positive way to condemn terrorism and memorialize the victims.

  6. I thought the song was great when i heard it on the radio, and he’s got some even better stuff on his website.

  7. I am with Salam. The “rap” scene is actually growing in the Middle East with more than few Palestinian rappers doing their thing about the occupation. But at the end of the day it is copying an American trend and movement. It would be better if these youth came up with their own thing instead of copying others.
    Here in the USA you have a whole generation of Arabic kids who have lost their identity and do nothing more than try to fit in with local black and hispanic culture rather than respecting your own. It is sad to hear groups of Arabic kids talking about “N*****” this and “N*****” that who cannot speak a word of Arabic and are almost ashamed to admit where they come from.

  8. aham,, Publisher review Now 🙂
    Yes, It’s a nice one, but as Jameed Said, it’s a promo as well, Maybe because Play wanted to show they are caring, unlike other Private Jordanian Stations!
    Talking about LSP generally, being a person that has most of their stuff, including a Mix courtesy of Dj Shadia feat them on the 5th Element. I didnt like the fact of them rapping “not that different” from any other American Rap Group!
    They Have “localization” in a coupla tracks ONLY, including this one.
    Thanx natasha for linkin me 😉

  9. Arun (fresh_flowz)

    hahah, i know this guy, i battled him a couple years back, been very very very cool with him since. hes a very cool kid. last time i herd he was in the UK. he knows me by my alias, Fresh_Flowz, very good kid. we had some good times, though time sepperated us, and of course, countries (im in los angeles). he has alot of pride in his heritage, hes half german and half arabic, trust me, he knows who he is, and he isnt trying to act like somebody he isnt.

  10. i think the song was good,but again they are trying to hard to be something ther not…i think if they came up with their own style instead of trying to copy the blacks,it would be really nice and unique,because the arabic culture is amzing and they can use it in their music,which will really grab peoples attention cuz its DIFFERENT!

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