A look back: Amman demonstration


Here’s another great picture from Abdo’s secret cache. The caption reads:

"Scenes of the demonstration in Amman on the occasion of the 5th of June war, in which the public took part as well as commando organisations. [Dated 06-06-70]"

Civilian men with guns, right in the heart of Amman! Now that’s something! Once again thanks Abdo!

3 thoughts on “A look back: Amman demonstration”

  1. i love that you can see the sign for cinema zahran in the picture, it pinpoints the picture location wise.
    armed civilians in the streets is one of the reasons for what came later that summer.

  2. I actually have a picture record of alot of the events that happend then. honestly, i feel like the only one documenting anything about that part of jordan history.

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