Meeting the Sandmonkey

The sandmonkey
The other day, I had a chance to meet face-to-face with the infamous, the one and only Egyptian blogger Sandmoneky. We met in downtown DC, where we talked mostly about the political mayhem that engulfs our volatile region. Blogging in the Arab world was also another topic of intensive discussion. As expected, Sandmonkey is smart, very funny, extremely friendly and tremendously well-informed. This is a proof, ladies and gentlemen, that blogs do provide a realistic picture of their authors.

As a huge fan of the Sandmonkey blog, meeting the man was certainly a real treat! Last month, Roba wrote a compelling post about the blogging culture and how, in addition to expressing themselves online, bloggers are actually forming their own communities off-line. I must agree. I will end this post with a great quote by "power blogger" Ethan Zuckerman:

Become a blogger and you’ll never have to have coffee alone again.

4 thoughts on “Meeting the Sandmonkey”

  1. Natasha,
    Did Sandmonkey come to Washington just to meet you? Well anyway,I think it’s really cool that you got to meet him in person.I recently discovered his blog,thanks to the link from your site.His honest,objective views and opinions are refreshing,especially considering the prevailing culture of his homeland.That he has a sense of humor was obvious to me from his name,though some may find it offensive.

  2. Dan, Sandmonkey was touring in the US and stopped in DC for a day. We exchnged a couple of e-mails and decided to meet briefly before he leaves to Egypt

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