A poster of Jill to be hung from Rome’s city hall

I just read this in the Christian Science Monitor:

A poster of Jill Carroll will be hung from Rome’s city hall starting Sunday in a sign of hope and solidarity, the mayor’s office said. The poster will be kept at the city hall building atop Capitoline Hill until the hostage is released, said a statement by Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni. Over the last months, posters of other men and women kidnapped in Iraq or elsewhere have been hung from the same spot.

This is a really touching act! Meanwhile, we are all here praying and hoping that we will see Jill soon … real soon!

2 thoughts on “A poster of Jill to be hung from Rome’s city hall”

  1. , I’ve just read this on al arabiya ,for readers who dont speak arabic, it roughly translates into “the situation being favourable for the release of the American Journalist “(Jill Carroll) أجواء مهيئة لإطلاق .صحفية أمريكية بالعراق بعد تعهد بإطلاق المعتقلين

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