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The cover of Diana Abu Jaber's book 'Crescent'One new initative that has sprung forth from the constantly evolving realm that is Jordan Planet is an online book club — the brain child of Jordanian blogger Ohoud. The members of the club are currently discussing Diana Abu Jaber’s novel novel Crescent. Although I haven’t read the book, I highly enjoyed reading the discussions taking place between club members.

Surprisingly, a majority of members slammed the novel saying it had a number of factual errors! It is very refreshing to see such bright Jordanian voices dissecting literature and giving their take on the work of a Jordanian-American author! Kudos to those behind the Book Club. I hope time will permit me to take part in an upcoming discussion.

4 thoughts on “The Jordan Planet Book Club”

  1. Khalidah,
    I was surprised by how badly this book was received! I recently finished Diana Abu Jaber’s the Language of Baklava and I highly enjoyed it.
    I’m currently reading Memoirs of Geisha..I will let you know what I think of it when I ‘m finally done. So far the story is well written but a bit of a downer.

  2. I found Crescent to be quite a decent read, and I must have overlooked the factual errors – I wonder what they were?. Perhaps I enjoyed the book more because I had just moved to the US and reading anything related to the Middle East was good enough for me then! Abu Jaber’s prose is a little flowery, but I loved her descriptions of food. I thought it was better than the Language of Baklava.

  3. I think I am the lone JP book club person who enjoyed it(not crazy about it, but enjoyed it).
    I can’t even get on Ohoud’s blog to comment as her bandwidth is full!

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