Iraqi interior minister: Jill is alive

Jill_amman_5Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Jabr told the Associated Press in an exclusive interview that Jill is still alive. Here is an excerpt:

Kidnapped Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll was still alive and being moved from place to place by her captors. He would say nothing more about the case.
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For all those who care about Jill, please keep praying and special thanks goes out to WM for providing me with the link.

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  1. I’m so happy that she’s still alive. Now we just have to find her! Thank you so much for the update.

  2. There is more that bloggers can do to help Jill. THe US and Iraqis have determined that at least one of the remaining female detainees is innocent, but they haven’t released her yet. There have been reports that the US and Iraqis are taken Iraqi women hostage in order to bait their male family members who are sustpected insurgents. Two wrongs do not make a right. Bloggers should be demanding that the press get the real story. If these women are innocent they should be released. It’s horrible that they might be holding these women longer becuase they don’t want it to “look” like they’re releasing them because of Jill
    US to free Iraqi woman detainee soon
    AFP: Friday, February 17, 2006
    Baghdad-One of the four Iraqi women still in US custody will soon be freed, Deputy Prime Minister Abed Mutlak Al-Juburi told AFP. The Sunni official who negotiates with US forces the list of Iraqi detainees released, said Friday “The four women remain in detention with the Americans, including one from Tall Afar, who will soon be freed.” Another one will be tried by an Iraqi court and, if convicted, will be sent to an Iraqi womens’ prison, he said, adding that th

  3. I’m sorry but, if they said they would kill her, then she is probably dead.
    Whoever says she is alive knows must know where she is. If you don’t know, then you probably shouldn’t say she is alive.
    This may provide false hope, which, we DON’T need more of.

  4. It is certainly hard to know what to believe and what not to believe, and the parties releasing information are seldom fully trustworthy. I think there are people in positions of power who probably know where she is and are not, for whatever reason, helping.
    But I do not believe she is dead. If her captors (whoever they are) had killed her, they would have said so. Why threaten to kill someone, kill them, and then risk losing credibility by not admitting you killed them?
    Jill’s captors(whoever they are)are either not the same people as before or they are trying to negotiate more out of the situation.
    I will not lose hope until a body is found (God forbid!), and even then I would pray that she would find peace with God in the next life.
    Never lose hope.

  5. David, I have to agree with you. I don’t know whether to trust what the Iraqi Interior Minister says, but why bother saying that you know she is alive if it isn’t true? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I have to believe that Jill is alive. Her kidnapping has driven so much publicity. I think that if they did kill her, they would want the world to know it. I’m sure there is a lot to it that just isn’t being publicized for her safety. Maybe negotiations are taking place. I just have a feeling that she is alive. I too will not believe that she is dead until, God forbid, there is proof. May God keep her safe and guide her to freedom.

  6. And lest we forget, there are other journalists that need prayers as well. Reem Zeid, a young woman, and Marwan Khazaal, a young man, are Iraqi journalists who were kidnapped while leaving a press conference. Their current fate and whereabouts are unknown, but officials seem to think they are still alive. As deserving as Jill is of our thoughts and prayers, lets remember she is not the only one.

  7. David, you are absolutely right. However, I don’t think that people are forgetting about the other hostages. I know I haven’t. Jill’s kidnapping has been more publicized than the others. Perhaps because she is American. I know that around here in Massachusetts her story is all over the place, partly because she went to UMass. Like you said, Jill definitely deserves our thoughts and prayers as well as the others. By the way, have any videos or demands been released for the 2 Iraqi reporters?

  8. Actually, I’m afraid I personally know several people that didn’t know there were other hostages besides Jill Carroll and the Christian Peace Team. Some people do have a very narrow worldview. Sad, but true.
    As far as I know, no videos or demands have been made public regarding Ms.Zeid or Mr.Khazaal, although I imagine their network has heard something by now. My guess is information is being witheld to facilitate negotiations.

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