Hope renewed

I was thrilled to hear the news about the release of the peace activists in Iraq. Of course this has renewed my hope that Jill’s turn will be next. Meanwhile, a US military spokesmen spoke of the ongoing rescue operations in Iraq:

A US military spokesman says a raid to free three Christian peace activists in Iraq may lead to other hostage rescue "operations." Major General Rick Lynch says the operations will "probably" be a result of what investigators are learning now. When asked about freelance journalist Jill Carroll, Lynch says he has no information he can discuss. Except for videotapes delivered to Arab TV outlets, Carroll hasn’t been seen since she was kidnapped in Baghdad in January.

Source: [AP via WISTV ]

4 thoughts on “Hope renewed”

  1. Unfortunately they were not released by those criminals holding them, but freed by way of a raid by troops. But, nonetheless they are safe now. Poor Tom Fox…….
    I join you and countless others around the world in continuing to hold out hope and pray for the release and safe return of Jill. I personally don’t know her, but I am sure many of those people I know in our community know her and most likely shared the Huron High School hallways with her in her years there.

  2. Weren’t they alone when they were found? I heard that there was no one there guarding them when the troops found them. This leads me to believe that the kidnappers pretty much ditched them and left them alone. Some say they were rescued and others say released. What exactly happened?

  3. Well, dm, that depends on who you talk to. The military is taking credit for a “rescue” while the Christian Peace Team organization, which strongly opposes the U.S. presence in Iraq, refers to it as a “release.”
    It is neither. They were not released, but abandoned, and since no struggle took place it was not really a rescue. It would be more correct to say they were “found” by coalition forces. But both sides have to do their posturing.

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