A Seattle wedding

John and Jenny pose in the garden at their wedding

Our brief visit to Seattle for a family wedding was a blast. The wedding was marvelous in every sense of the word. And with regards to the city of Seattle, it is simply a stunning place! The weather was on our side most of the time, making our sightseeing tours extremely enjoyable.

The best thing about the trip was getting a chance to meet some more of the husband’s family for the first time. Everyone I met was thrilled about the news of Jill’s release. Even the bride and the groom, John and Jenny, made a point to tell me — on their wedding day — how happy they were that Jill’s ordeal finally ended.

Last weekend I had many a reason to celebrate. Life just can’t get any better.

7 thoughts on “A Seattle wedding”

  1. Well Natasha, mabrook first on the wedding;I asked you about Seattle when you were here on a previous post, but thought you were too busy to reply. Anyways,there were too many places to visit and things to do in Seattle; weather is still very nice; which places were you able to visit? Just curious, and were you able to see clearly the majestic Mount Rainier from your spot? How about Starbucks ? or Pike’s Market

  2. Hey Jareer,
    Out trip was really brief so we did not get to do much exploring. We passed by the first ever Starbucks. It looked funky. we tried to see Mount Ranier on a number of occasions but it was always hidden behind the clouds. We really liked Seattle and are thinking of visiting again maybe in the summer.

  3. Well, we did get to see a bunch of stuff actually. But it was all such a whir. I’ll have to get the brother to weigh in on all the places we went and the things we saw. We saw the troll beneath the bridge. A beach area called “Golden beach” maybe and we ate some pretty good fish at a big restaurant just down from there. We had a reception at the Six Arms Pub and the cousin’s wedding was at a mansion just up the road from there; I think it’s called Stimson Green Mansion. We also explored all this area outside Seattle where the mountains are high and the mansions cost six to seven figures. It was all quite amazing!

  4. I am sure you enjoyed what you saw and experienced, but a summer trip ( whatever the definition of summer is, here in Seattle)is a must. Not only seeing Mt. Rainier from a distance, but getting to the top of it (or close)is an everlasting memory; I usually call that trip, a pilgrimage,I have some pictures, but not sure how to upload here. Anyways, if you guys plan to come again, plan for a longer and summer stay.

  5. Natasha and Jeff, I’ll come back in the summer if you promise to take me to the first Starbucks 🙂 Can we please have more pix from your trip?

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