A peek at Abdoun’s mammoth ‘air bridge’

Air bridge

I’ve passed by the construction site for the new 4th Circle to Abdoun air bridge a number of times during the past two weeks and each time we drove by I had to pause for a moment just to marvel at this mammoth structure.

If I’m not mistaken, this is supposed to be the Arab world’s first air bridge. It does look quite impressive at this stage, as things are shaping up. I’m looking forward to seeing how it affects Amman’s traffic when it is finally done. From what I’ve seen, it seems that the next time I’m here the bridge will be completed. We’ll see!

8 thoughts on “A peek at Abdoun’s mammoth ‘air bridge’”

  1. Good point Hamzeh. “Air bridge” was how the Jordanian English publications referred to the bridge when it was first announced. Maybe we should start referring to it as a “hanging bridge” instead. My bad;)

  2. Isn’t great! A truly awesome edifice…
    But did all the boy-racers in their BMW’s clogging Abdoun circle on Friday night really deserve such a fancy drag strip? I can think of plenty of better places for that bridge… but alas I have no wasta

  3. It might seem impressive to some, but I can’t help thinking of the people who have lived in that area all their lives, their homes a part of the heritage of the city, their mornings an apprecaition of the view out of their windows. One morning, however, these people woke up and found a crazy bridge growing over their heads.
    Can’t be nice!

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