Gay parade in Lebanon

A gay parade in Lebanon For people routinely harassed and sometimes arrested by the Lebanese authorities, it was refreshing to be able to attend a public event without fear of being detained. But the gun-toting policemen standing outside the hotel were not there to carry out a raid against the dozens of people who had gathered inside for the press conference by the gay rights organization, Helem. Instead, the police were there to ensure the safety of the event.

The press conference part of a three-day event organized by Helem to coincide with International Day Against Homophobia, which marks the day in May 1990 on which the World Health Organization took homosexuality off its list of mental disorders. Source: [BBC]

Frankly, I never thought I would live to see the day when Arab homosexuals could organize a public event and talk about the fact that they do exist. But then again Lebanon is different. Perhaps this was bound to happen. My opinion: Good for them!

Meanwhile, Al Arabiya covered the event [Arabic] but alleged that the organizers of the parade were showing "porn movies." The head of the organization, Helem (‘Dream’ in Arabic), that put together the event denied the accusation, saying that what was shown were social movies about the status of homosexuals in Lebanon and the Arab world.

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    Next week events:
    Necrophiliac Pride Day
    Bestiality March for Freedom
    Child Porn Lovers Week

    But a woman in veils cannot go to public schools in France. Welcome to cultural relativism.

  2. natasha,,,i read that article on alarabiya last week and it was really refreshing to see this kind of courage..its about time peole in the ararb world start acknowledging this subject and discussing it in the open.
    its the first step in a very long road, but at least its a start.
    hopefully we will reach a day in tha arab world where we learn to accept and respect others and get out of this crazy homophobia….

  3. It’s possible in Lebanon, but Moscow authorities still treat their gay and lesbian community like total #@$%.
    To the not-very-clever Freedom chap:
    France is a secular society that prohibits wanton display of religion in its public offices. The analogy with this parade is a poor one. Perhaps if mosques were being burned by the authorities in France, you might have a point.
    As for your comparison of homosexuality with beastiality and necrophilia, seems as though you’re merely uninformed and biased. Good luck.

  4. “It is the first step in a very long road”! To where is this road heading basbos? I really see no meaning for this and despite my liberal views I cannot tolerate homosexuality.

  5. The road that basboos is referring to is the road to equal rights, tolerance, and the end of hatred and prejudice.
    Batir, it’s fine that you do not tolerate homosexuality. That’s your choice and you’re entitled to it. But be happy that you HAVE that choice, because homosexuals do not have a choice as to whether or not they are homosexual. I do not know one homosexual who actually chose to be so, and who doesn’t wish that they were heterosexual and “normal”.
    It’s a wonder that the suicide rate among the homosexual community is so high…

  6. So, whats the fuss about this parade and homos ! Heck, this is shame; this is disgusting folks. Show libarilism and what comes with it? Gays, lez..isnt that “garaf.”

  7. dm..thanks for your answer, well said. jareer…if u were born a homosexual i dont think that u will describe yourself as “garaf”…thats really very insensitive.

  8. Batir,
    Part of being “liberal” is having an open mind and, consequently, tolerance of different viewpoints (social, political, etc.) and different lifestyles, even if you don’t agree with them.
    And, dm, I think you’re generalizing when you say that all homosexuals are born that way. It may be true that some are born that way, but some are either heavily influenced by their environment and some just make that choice. Either way, I agree with you that tolerance to the gay community is crucial for equal rights.

  9. Ok guys, there is a big deferent between human rights and being homosexual and a gay !!! men shan allaah ya 3alam wakeup and stop doing like westerns .. لو دخلوا جحر ضب لدخلتموه STOP freedom is not being a gay!!!!!! I tell those people that they are really mogrefeen and to that gentleman who are defending them that IT IS REALLY “GARAF”

  10. At the risk of being at fault of shamelessly pulling legs to my blog, but the thrust of my view point was dwelled upon in the following blog entry of mine!
    Western societies are maturing with their endeavor of establishing a flexible & capacitating set of social norms & standards to the point that organizations are now not only defending the rights of homosexuals (or more inflammably: GLBT), but also the right of the latter to choose to revert back to their (I can’t help but say it) instinctual heterosexual (normal) status!
    In the meantime, at this defeated part of the world, we still seem to be dragged into following the same “progression” route of western societies when dealing with this issue! That is to say to start with a total oblivious tabooing of the issue, while it’s a reoccurring phenomenon in all societies across time; is an established fact even in Holy Scriptures!

  11. All of your liberal hypocrites, what about necrophiliacs and bestiality folks? Do you defent their rights too? What about people who want to walk nude in the city? and consenting adult brothers and sisters who want to have sexual relationship? what do you have to say to this? Are you for? Against? or do you rely on the LA Times to to tell you what is considered right or wrong?

  12. Forgive me, Haki, but you’re nuts. And a hysteric. A consentual homosexual relationship has as much to do with rape and incest as a consentual heterosexual relationship.
    Then again, you seem awfully obsessed with these sorts of practices. Perhaps you’re deep in the closet and refuse to come out.
    Best of luck.

  13. Before anyone in Europe gets too smug, we should remember that gay sex was illegal (an imprisonable offense) in Britain only fifty years ago. AFAIK it was much the same in other western countries. Tolerance for other people’s private sex lives is quite recent anywhere.
    The rule is, what consenting adults do in private is none of your business.
    As for people walking about naked, this is acceptable in some cities in India where there are holy men who do not wear clothes. Does it do any harm, really?

  14. Yeah true to Don Cox about gay rights in Europe, maybe Arabs and Muslims will get to the point of having rights in Europe too lol

  15. What rights do gays exacrly want in Arab countries?? Even heterosexual married couples are not allowed to kiss in the streets, so what exactly are tehy looking for?
    And why are they celebrating their sexuality in the streets? I don’t go to the street to announce that i love women

  16. “And, dm, I think you’re generalizing when you say that all homosexuals are born that way. It may be true that some are born that way, but some are either heavily influenced by their environment and some just make that choice.”
    Akram, I absolutely agree with your point here. To clarify what I meant in my previous post however, I do think that people who are truly homosexual are born that way. The ones you described above (and they certainly do exist) I do not consider to be truly homosexual. Some people have periods of confusion in their lives and it turns out that they are heterosexual in reality, and others just try “to be different” for whatever reason, be it environmental influences, etc. When I was in college alone I knew many people who fell into that category. I do believe, however, that true homosexual individuals are born that way. There is scientific proof in the chemical make-up of the brain that shows us this.
    I just don’t know why people care so much about what others do behind closed doors. As long as no one is getting hurt, who cares?

  17. Allah Akbar ..

    just stop this stupid comments .. and look at the brothers and sisters in palistine .. dying and getting killed .. by MOTHA FRKN DAMM jwesh …
    what talking about gays and shit .. man .. i m in san francisco haert of gay .. i would like to see ur dad kissing other man .. and tell me then it is freedome .. huh ..

  18. It was not a Gay Pride Parade! This is all a misunderstanding because the BBC published a pic of gay people walking in the Beirut Marathon in 2005!

  19. i think that us “LEBANESE PEOPLE” r willin to do anythin inorder to show that we r GAY, i mean cool! thats LAME, shame on u lebz!

  20. Freedom from what? God?
    I wonder which city is going to win the sweepstakes to be the next Sodom.
    We know how people are born. People are born with sinful hearts and minds.
    I pray God will have mercy on us all.

  21. “Freedom from what? God?”
    No, I think that they want freedom from people who THINK that they themselves are God…which unfortunatley is a lot of people.
    My favorite saying: “God, please save me from your followers.”

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