A young King Abdallah does Star Trek

I had heard about the appearance of His Majesty King Abdallah as a young man on Star Trek in the international press on a number of occasions but I never got the chance to actually see the clip. I had always been curious. Now thanks to YouTube — and the blogosphere I must add — the clip is available to the general public. Here it is! Pretty cool, no? [Image enlarges on click.]

Hat tip: [Euroarabe]

4 thoughts on “A young King Abdallah does Star Trek”

  1. Yes …. seen this several years ago. It’s very, very interesting.

    When Abdullah II became King in 1999, there was a news piece about this in Newsweek which suggested that it would be good for the Middle East if he had ‘the peaceful and cooperative tendencies of the Federation’ 🙂

  2. How very awesome! Thank you for sharing this. I can’t think of any other monarch appearing in a fictional TV show like that.

  3. its a shame,the king in star trek,and jordanians wishing only to see a piece of meat.this king is a big thief.
    and rania like him a thief,in london and paris with a channel bag that only can fit in a lipstick,cost 60.000 dollars,those dollars can help a lot and a lot of jordanians.
    if u dont belive me go for a walk throw jordan and not in 3abdoun.
    and apart from that,the tortures that the king make in jordanians jails,jailed 4 political,and if u dont believe me go to human rights watch.

  4. 7aram

    What you want Queen of Jordan to walk round in holey/dirty clothes with top shop handbag, she is ambassador of our country and have to behave like one, people never happy, please look at all the good King Abdullah and Queen Rania do and not just cos she have expensive handbag, shame on you. You sound like very big war mongerer.


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