The Economist & the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The Economist's Jordan ad

I found it quite intriguing that the Economist — which I personally think is one of the best magazines out there — chose the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as the star of a new advertising campaign. The concept of the ad is that Economist readers are savvy enough to know that Jordan is in fact a country in the Middle East and not simply the name of an American basketball player. [Image enlarges on click.]

I’m not surprised that they chose Jordan, though. Just two days ago, I was at Barnes & Noble trying to find an outlet to connect my laptop. My search sparked a conversation with a man who decided to ask the usual question: "Where are you from?" When I said Jordan he replied, "That’s in Africa, no..?"

Anyway, as an avid reader of the Economist, I would say please keep advertising Jordan, for it is a wonderful place, and, after all, my home!

Hat tip: [AdBlogArabia]

By Natasha Tynes

Iā€™m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. Heh – the night before I left for Jordan, someone whose house I was staying at told someone over the phone that Jordan was part of Israel.

  2. ive seen that on the other day and thought it would be neat if someone posted it.

  3. As always Jordan is the best country ever:)

    Happy Birthday Cousin:)
    Soon we will see your sons and daugthers adding their comments on your blog:)
    Abu Joelle

  4. Jordan is a really exciting place in the economics community. The reasons being that only recently has there been a serious emphasis on reforming the economy through liberalization and other well thought out policies such as reforming the social security sector (very important as it is not only about pensions but also helps with a process of capital deepening). According to certain estimates such the Economist Intelligence Unit, Jordan probably has one of the highest growth rates in the middle-east If not the highest after Dubai. It is also of interest because it is a great testing ground for certain economic principles owing to the fact that Jordan does not have petro-wealth.

    I would even go so far as to say that the Economist os probably the best news magazine in print today.

  5. “Where are you from?” When I said Jordan he replied, “That’s in Africa, no..?”

    “Heh – the night before I left for Jordan, someone whose house I was staying at told someone over the phone that Jordan was part of Israel.”

    Wow! Are you guys serious??? That’s scarey to think that people truly thought these things.

  6. Thanks Natasha for the ‘Hat Tip’ to AdBlogArabia. I hope you liked the site.

    I’ll be posting more Amercian and European ads soon with ‘Arab themes or concepts’.

  7. And, of course, down in Alabama you might find some who think of Jordan as one-time Auburn football coach Shug Jordan.

    Jordan isn’t a common name, but it’s spread around enough to confuse those who’ve never really studied a map. At least a few of the really carto-ignorant have a vague idea where the “River Jordan” is through an old hymn.

  8. Fares,

    I reject the idea that you seem to want to blame everyone in the region but Israel. The corwards in the Arab governments havent responded at all the deaths of dozens of Palestinians in recent months.

    I dont think more violence will help, but at least they are responding to Israeli crimes. If the Arab governments did something politically maybe others wouldnt feel the need to do something militarily.

    Sure, there are many parties to blame here, I just wonder why you dont include Israel?

  9. Abu Sinan,

    You could have responded in my blog. Israel is to blame big time for a lot of things and the US is to blame for what is did in Iraq and for supporting Israel. We know that, how can we become smart and work around it

    Hizballah, Iran and Syria are to blame for burning up Lebanon the last 2 days and inflating an already volatile region.

    What is 8 soldiers killed and 2 kidnapped for Israel, are you going to teach them a lesson then expect the reply. Syria and Iran are big cowards in responding from other peoples territories fully knowing what the response would be. They don’t care about anyone prospering as long as they can inflame the masses (may be like yourself) and then call it victory and that they are the heroes of Islam or the Arabs. You want to be a hero then act like one and don’t hold the whole region hostage to some lunatic plan.

    If Israel started in Lebanon then yes I would condemn them first but “Al Badi Azlam” (Hizballah provoked them big time) and don’t mention Gaza because Lebanon suffered 30 years, enough for them to become another Gaza.

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