The Qana Massacre and Hezbollah’s growing popularity

Children's body bags in Qana with roses

So after 60 people — at least 34 of them children — were slaughtered in an Israeli strike today, Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is indicating he wants to continue "the battle".

"We will not stop this battle, despite the difficult incidents this morning," Olmert said during Israel’s weekly Cabinet meeting, according to a participant in the meeting. "We will continue the activity and if necessary it will be broadened without hesitation."
Source: [Yahoo News]

This is beyond awful. The Israeli Army is showing the world a terrible ruthlessness. The bloodshed has to end, for the sake of humanity. Israel has made it clear that it will not stop until they disarm Hezbollah. In my humble opinion this will never happen. Hezbollah is more of a concept, an ideology, than anything else. It is an ideology fomented by the continuous frustration Arab youths face on a daily basis. You cannot kill an ideology with bombs. Meanwhile, Hezbollah’s popularity is soaring now more than ever due to the continuing Israeli attacks on Lebanon that have left many innocent civilians dead.

The Washington Post is reporting today how Arab governments that were initially critical of Hezbollah are now applauding the movement.

The United States’ Arab allies — Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt — initially blamed Hezbollah for the violence, calling its seizure of the soldiers miscalculated adventures. But a high civilian death toll, widespread destruction in Lebanon and strong popular support for Hezbollah have forced a shift in their stance.

And now Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora today thanked Hezbollah for the first time for their "sacrifices," saying:

"We are in a strong position and I thank the Sayyed for his efforts," Siniora said when asked about a Saturday statement by Hizbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah calling on the government to take advantage of Hizbollah’s steadfastness against Israeli military might. "I also thank all those who sacrifice their lives for the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon," he added.

Just for the record Siniora had always been known for being at odds with Hezbollah.

My sister who was in Damascus last week told me this morning how she was surprised to see wanton support for Hezbollah amongst the common people of Syria. She saw Hezbollah flags flying on cars while a number of people she talked with were expressing their pride and support for what Hezbollah is now doing.

Articulate Jordanian commentator and blogger Batir Wardam is wondering how many people Al-Qaeda has recruited since the beginning of this Israeli offensive in Lebanon.

Routes for violence are abundant. Organizations like Al Qaeda are ready to exploit this anger, not only against the USA and Israel but also against the Arab countries, communities and regime themselves. This is a twisted response but it is a natural result of the Israeli and American action. As I write now, and as you read hundreds of Arab Youth are being mainstreamed into the Qaeda and fundamental organizations who will provide the platform for angry Arab youth to become what we used to call them: terrorists!

Sadly enough, his argument is plausible. Israel has facilitated Al-Qaeda recruitment. I’m so frustrated. Things are going from bad to worse. The future is bleak. My children will never live in peace.

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  1. Hi Natasha,

    You end by saying: “My children will never live in peace.” I am very afraid that you are correct in your assessment.

    We all want peace, but as Pope Paul VI said: If you want peace work for justice.

    Without a JUST resolution to the mess that is the Middle East, there will never be peace.

    It’s difficult to be optimistic on a day like this.

  2. So the Arab world is “expressing their pride and support for what Hezbollah is now doing”? What exactly is Hezbollah accomplishing that would warrant this pride and support? Hiding their rocket launchers among Lebanese civilans and getting them killed by the hundreds? Wow, that’s really worthy of pride and support. It just shows what a long way the Arab world has to go if this is the kind of thing they express pride in. Way to go, Hezbollah! Such a brave and powerful army! I will give them this, though. They know how to play the propaganda game and play the Arab media and public like a violin. They know they can’t defeat Israel militarily so their only game is to goad Israel into hitting civilian areas and then count on the media to do the rest for them. Somehow, I don’t think Israel is going to play that game anymore, though. Hezbollah has gone too far this time and Israel will not allow itself to be handcuffed again.

  3. dear mark, you might want to read this article about the “hiding behind civilians” myth.

    and israel handcuffed? wow.

    were they handcuffedin 1982 when they brutally invaded lebanon and killed 17,000 arabs? which “terrorists” were they chasing that time? only the orignial inhabibtants of palestine that they expelled. what was the reistsance movement to this brutal inavasion and occupation? hizballah.

    everywhere israel goes, it mamanges to radicalise entire populations with its brutality. and their sins come back to haunt them.

    handcuffed huh? theyve been murdering and expelling and invading and occupying and buldozing since 1948 and handcuffed is not the term that comes to mind. but they seem more westernised in their appearance so lets sympathise with them. and theyre only repeating the classical colonial experience, however late in time. of course our sympathies should lie with them as they burn the angry natives.

    who am i talking to? a nation that was came at the expense of the indigenous native americans. why should i expect them to understand?

  4. Natasha, I don’t understand why you act so surprised byt Israel’s actions. Israel is a country that came to existence based on injustice, its a country that has unjust objectives, and its a country that has been excersizing terrorism for a long long time. Its a blood sucking machine, so whts new

  5. 3ogla, I think it’s not so much surprise as hope. You want to think somehow, somewhere some common sense, some deceny will come into play and senseless violence will end. I know what you’re going to say and I appreciate your opinion. But we’ve tried to keep from being so jaded and negative vis-a-vis Israel, in hopes that yes, our children will live to see peace in the ME. Today that hope is starting to slip away. And Mark, rail as you will about how this was such a PR coup for Hezbollah, don’t lose sight of the fact that there were many innocents killed today. It full well appears to be a tipping point in terms of ME opinion, meaning an escalation of conflict that could spell the beginning of the darkness zionist Christians have been secretly praying for all along. And your comment that the “Arab world” was expressing pride and support was improperly related. That was an observation that people in Damascus, Syria were doing so. It may be true that the whole of the Arab world feels that way. IMHO it likely does. But that’s not what was said here. If you’re going to quote make sure to do so properly. Don’t inject or spin something so easily rejected. If you want to give your opinion do so, don’t take a quote and spin it into your text.

  6. Sorry. I blame only Hezbollah.

    If Hezbollah returned the two kidnapped soldiers, they would probably get the ceasefire they are so desparate for.

  7. If only… Come on, do you honestly think that if they turned over these two guys they’d just pack up their bags and head back to Haifa? Come on, the Israeli ambassador to the UN sat across the table from Lebanon’s rep telling him he’d be glad when they got rid of Hizb Allah and thank him. The Israeli interest is not in getting back their two guys, it’s in the elimination of Hizb Allah, which as the host here suggests, will never happen. It’s an idea that will not be killed with bombs. Israel made a terrible mistake here today and in the broader sense in their design to broaden this conflict into an all out war on Lebanon, a burgeoning democracy that needed kid gloves not guided missiles.

  8. Jeff,

    I’ve read enough and seen enough to know that the “Arab world” is expressing pride and support, as you said is likely. Pride and support for what exactly, I have no idea. It seems the ability of the Arab world to shoot themselves in the foot and call it victory is unparalleled.

  9. Jeff

    Thanks for your note. I’m sad to tell you that I lost hope in Israel the day it destroyed my families house and stole my land. Israel is an immoral society and a country that came to existence based on injustice. Israel is nothing but a blood sucking machine, a master of terrorism.

    I do have hope, my hope is that the international community, the US in particular will wake up and stop supporting Isreal with US tax monies. The US as the only super power in the world and being the only country that can shape the Middle East has an obligation to humanity to step in and once and for all tell Isreal stop, leave Lebanon, leave the Palestinian terretories. I do have hope, but each day that passes this is becoming a more dying hope.

    Hizbullah is not the problem, Hizbullah is a symptom of the problem. If Israel didn’t steel land, rape our women, persecute our children, we wouldn’t have organizations like Hizbullah and Hamas. Ofcourse Israel loves having such organizations because it thinks that it can justifies its crimes against humanity by spinning the reality. But again hope I’ll always have hope, I hope my hope doesn’t completely die one day.

  10. tommy

    How about you face the fact that your Israel is nothing but a blood suckign machine. As usual you kill and then say it was a mistake, yeah strange!!

  11. The bottom line, is; Innocent people are being killed, both sides accuse each other of being the reason, both sides boast of their victories, and both sides say the other side should give in first for our demands; until then, may God have mercy on those caught in the middle of crossfire.

    Be safe.

  12. Worried

    I think right now I wish the US would have mercy and stop its support for the golden child Israel and stop the terrorism in the region

  13. Mark, that’s not the point as you full well know. Don’t misuse a quote. But to your observation that you have read and seen enough, please take a moment to consider these facts. Hezbollah did not enjoy blanket support in Lebanon prior to the Israeli actions today and really at its birth. Many would suggest that a huge proportion of the country wanted to see Hezbollah defanged and the UN resolution put in place in the democratic way in which it was headed.

    Second, Hezbollah and Hamas were not partners in the war on Israel in any way prior to this conflict. Each had its own agenda. In fact, many in the Arab world were not supporters of Hezbollah. Hezbollah and it’s connections to Syria and the death of Hairiri were foremost on many minds when the UN resolution dictating their weapons handover was created. No, it’s fair to say that a good portion of the Arab world was not behind Hezbollah prior to this Israeli incursion some 19 days ago.

    What you should note here, however, is that the ME will unite and stand with them when there is an Israeli agression such as what is on display this terrible day. And particularly when that agression is backed, yet again, by tacit US support; weapons shipments rushed through Congress to drop on the Lebanese people. It’s yet another unjustice in the eyes of many, one that the US does not denounce while it puts on its other face and slams and defangs the injustices it sees in the region. The US loses its place as an honest broker, if that was still a phrase on anyone’s lips, after standing by and allowing this to continue.

    No one is cheering for the destruction of Beirut and few the rise of Hezbollah. But seeing Israel lash out as it did and cause the kind of destruciton to infrastructure and innocent human lives changes the argument doesn’t it? People that wanted peace look at this kind of attrocity and now find a sense of pride in Hezbollah striking at the enemy killing their children.

    Yes, there are many in the ME that want to see Israel wiped from the map but there were others who were willing to make moves towards peace. That ratio changed 19 days ago, and changes still more today.

    As to responsibility, Shimon Peres also believes it’s not Israel’s fault. And Mark you want to pin the blame on Hezbollah, or the human shield argument and so forth. Israel claims it told everyone to leave the south, dropped leaflets telling them so. But then they bombed the roads out of these villages, trapping these people there. What choice did they have. They hid in the safest place they could find in Qana. And there they were killed. Likely few forget the last Israeli massacre in this seemingly cursed city.

  14. Tommmy,
    Two soldiers my ass. Nobody is asking about the 2 soldiers. IF Hizbuallh returns the 2 soldiers now, ISrael will not stop. It doesn’t need a genius to realzie that this war was planned for long time ago. IT’s not a “response” to kidnapping soldiers. Israel was founded on offending all human rights, killing civilians and violating UN regulations and it continues to do that and this war on lebanon proves that.

  15. Jeff:

    “Yes, there are many in the ME that want to see Israel wiped from the map but there were others who were willing to make moves towards peace. That ratio changed 19 days ago, and changes still more today.”

    Yes, that seems to be the deal offered Israel. Withdraw from territory. Then we will have some Arab leaders (i.e. Siniora or Abbas) who will decry your existence but be moderate about actually attacking you and some who will start lobbing bombs at you. The “ratio” is irrelevant. The Sinioras and Abbas of the world are not willing to seriously challenge the Hamas or Hezbollahs of the world, but please don’t do anything to Hamas or Hezbollah because than more of the people who hate you but don’t want active involvement will be actively involved against you. Why can’t you Israelis just reconcile yourselves to a reasonable rate of attrition – 10 Quassams a day and occasional Katyusha or cross-border attacks? At least until we can get a nuke to destroy you?

    Uh, no thanks.

    Sad to say, but there does not appear to be any hopes for peace. The Hezbollah and Hamas of the world exist primarily to drive Israel out of the world, something that is mutually exclusive to Israeli’s desire for a state. I think 3ogla’s view is representative of a large swath of people and has been since well before this current flair up started. One need only look at some of the other commenters on this blog.

    There are many who are at fault for this current conflagration. I don’t hold the Israeli government faultless. They could have probably prevented this by not negotiating with Hizbollah in the past or by reacting differently to the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. A good Israeli friend of mine suggested that when Shalit was kidnapped Israel should simply have begun executing the prisoners in custody who have killed Israelis (whom the Palestinians wanted released). Seems too cruel for me, but perhaps better than full scale war. However, there are many others to blame. The repeated Hezbollah attacks and posturing at Israel’s northern border (especially when combined with Iran’s rhetoric and nuclear desires) would predicably become intolerable for Israel. Noone seemed too concerned about Hizbullah attacks into Israel (certainly not the UN troops at the border), and so the message to Israelis became clear. It is an unfortunate message and an unfortunate situation.

  16. “They hid in the safest place they could find in Qana. And there they were killed.”

    I have tremendous sympathy for any innocent civilians killed. And maybe you’re right that they hid in the “safest place they could find in Qana”. It’s a damn, dirty shame then that Hezbolleh terrorists, surely knowing there were civilians sheltering there, decided to use that vicinity to fire rockets at civilians in Israel (of which they’ve fired hundreds, specifically at civilian areas, with no apology or even pretense of going after military targets or fighters), knowing Israel would fire back at the source. Hezbollah surely knew exactly what they were doing. And look at the result…by your own admission, they have gained tremendous support due to this incident. Do you think that was unanticipated? Do you think they’re stupid? I don’t.

  17. You know Mark it is interesting to hear you say that. For you it seems that fact — if it is ever proven — is all the justification you need for such a slaughter. You seem to be suggesting that it removes any responsibility from Israel. Israeli spokespeople in the media today have indicated that if they’d known innocent people were in there they would not have struck. I’m not sure if that’s actually true or not. But they understood well enough that this was an important point to make.

    From what you’ve said here, it appears that you think that the situation could be justified because Hezbollah was up to no good, a fact on the ground that remains unverified. [PS The point of a human shield is that the opposition knows there are civilians there so they don’t shoot you, hence the ‘shielding’ part.] Do you really think that Israel bears no responsibility for this? That’s a pretty curious bit of moral equivalency. As far as the PR and the smartness of it all, I’d ask you who gained in the last Qana massacre by Israel? You think that’s the master plan? You think that Hezbollah’s intention is to win this war in the media? Interesting. You might want to rethink that a bit. You know Israel is capable of making mistakes all on its own. We all are.

  18. “Do you really think that Israel bears no responsibility for this?”

    Never said that. Show me where I did. I think responsibility for this is shared equally, by Israel and Hezbollah. Israel needs to try to be more careful in its targeting and Hezbollah needs to stop setting up their rocket launchers (aimed at civilian targets in Israel, by the way. I’d like to hear a little more condemnation of that but I’m not holding my breath) amongst civilians. Yes, I absolutely believe Hezbollah is doing this intentionally, either to deter Israel from hitting their launchers (ie. “human shields”) or, alternately, reaping the propaganda benefit from civilian casualties if Israel does target them. It’s a win/win for Hezbollah and don’t think they’re too stupid to realize it.

    The only innocents in this are the civilians, particularly the children who did not choose to be there. I never said there was any “justification” for “slaughter” or that the civilians deserved to die. I specifically said the opposite and that I have tremendous sympathy for innocent civilians hurt on either side in any conflict. What I did say was that when Hezbollah fires rockets at Israeli civilians, and does so deliberately close to Lebanese civilians, right next to residential buildlings, they have to know those Lebanese civilians run the risk of being hit in any Israeli counterattack. Hezbollah is making a reasoned choice. Only they know the reasons, though I have my suspicions. Ask them.

  19. “You think that’s the master plan? You think that Hezbollah’s intention is to win this war in the media? Interesting.”

    I think Hezbollah’s plan is to win this war. They’ve said so themselves. Given Israel’s much greater military strength, how do you think Hezbollah plans to win it? The only realistic way is to get Israel to stop the bombing and the best way to do that is incidents like this which lead to massive media coverage which pressures politicians around the world who, in turn, pressure Israel. Israel stops the offensive, the Arab media declares victory for the mighty Hezbollah resistance, Hezbollah regroups and rearms to fight again another day. Certainly this can’t be an unheard of bit of guerilla military strategy for you?

  20. The majority of the civilized world is waking up to Arab tactics, i.e. hide behind women and children and once they’re regretable “hit” bemoan the fact on television and paint your enemy as an enemy of humanity. Good tactics, maybe, but as I said the rest of the world is waking up to the Arab cowardly way of war.

    You can’t stop an ideology? The hell you can’t. All it takes is the right sized bomb(s): Nazism was stamped out, as well as their Japanese supporters. If that’s what it takes to rid the world of Islamic maniacs, then I’m all for it… the sooner the better. Go Israel!

  21. Ugly pictures.

    As you can see, they are really milking it.

    Notice how dirty the child is? Notice how sparkling clean the pacifier is?

    LGF is said to have good coverage of some the suspicious nature of this incident. Unfortunately, due to a persistent internet problem I havent’ been able to visit LGF in the past few weeks! ­čÖü

    Here is there site, for those who can view it:;_ylu=X3oDMTFiZGMwdjdqBGNvbG8DZQRsA1dTMQRwb3MDMgRxdANkcQRzZWMDc3IEdnRpZANERlgxXzE-/SIG=11ud8ubug/EXP=1154408795/**http%3a//

  22. To Tommy and any other idiot who wants to blame Hizbullah for the massacre of at least 37 children, the majority who were physically or mentally challenged-go screw yourself.

  23. And Tommy, it’s idiots like yourself that ensure anti-Americanism….I hope you rot in hell

  24. Amal I here you on that one, except for the whole “rot in hell” part. But you are absolutely right, anti-americanism is being ensured!


    after reading your comment left way above with the FOX news link (which by the way does not work) has just informed me that I should really not consider what you have to say, because you rely on FOX news for your information. Man, no wonder why you think the way you do. Do me a favor, go to Blockbuster Video and rent OutFoxed.

  25. Folks,

    Flaming each other in Natasha’s comment space solves nothing (and is discourteous to Natasha who is our host, virtually speaking.

    Let’s, for a moment, simply acknowledge our shared despair at the horror show which is destroying one nation physically and another one morally.

  26. First Amal,

    it’s idiots like yourself that ensure anti-Americanism….

    Thanks for the civilized response, Amal.

    Maybe if we Americans were more tolerant of displays such as the one in the link below, we would win your affection:

    But we won’t ever be, I’m afraid, and I doubt it would help us much anyway. (Clearly, the dhimmified approach of the Europeans has worked well. The joys of multiculturalism, eh?)

    Besides, that is how it is with the Arabs. Their opinions just don’t amount to much in the way of substantitive action. So who cares?

    Your comments about America and Arab opinion remind me of the way I hear so many people screaming about how the Israeli strikes on Lebanon are “alienating” the non-Shiite population.

    First, no one in Lebanon much likes Israel, but even if some factions did, it wouldn’t matter. I have to ask, what does the opinion of non-Shiites in Lebanon actually amount to, in practical terms, and the answer is unfortunately, nothing.

    You see, the Christian, Sunnis, and Druze, aren’t going to act against Hezbollah regardless of what Israel does. In the six years since the withdrawal from Lebanon, the military gap between Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army has only grown wider in Hezbollah’s favor. Even if Hezbollah was greatly weakened, it is unlikely that non-Shiite Lebanese are going to move against a group that has the support of 40% of the country.

    Given those facts, why should the Israelis give a damn what the rest of Lebanon thinks? The Lebanese are useless to them.

    Much the same applies to Arabs and America. There is nothing we in America can do that will ultimately win us any true friends in the Arab world. The mere existence of a world power that is not Islamic is an affront to many Muslims. Even if we had such friendship, what would it amount to in practical terms? The answer is, once again, nothing.

    The funny thing is that you would think that Arabs would have a better understanding of “incentives” in dealing with the western world, including Israel. After all, Arabs are constantly trying to get the Israelis to offer incentives to the Palestinians in return for peace and security. Likewise, Arabs constantly argue about how America must “reach out” to Arabs and offer them incentives in return for greater support and understanding.

    Could the reason that Arabs seem to have such a poor understanding of incentives is because they know that the very incentives they advocate the west offer on behalf of the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world will not be met with any actual reward by those who would offer them?

    Could it be that they understand that even if Israel, for example, dismantles all settlements, withdraws completely to 1967 boundaries, and perhaps offers the the Palestinian refugees an opportunity to establish new lives in the West Bank and Gaza with some cash support, that Israel will still be dealing with Palestinian terrorism ceaselessly? Could they understand inherently that lasting peace and security will not be the reward of any gesture on the Israelis part?

    And could it be that Arabs similarly understand that even if America pressures Israel to solve the Palestinian problem with some sort of generous offer, that America will still be widely reviled throughout the Arab world? After all, we are bound to be hated by a substantial portion of Arabs (and Muslims everywhere) by the mere fact that Americans are despised infidels in their eyes, and it isn’t right that the kuffar should be the dominant nation on earth. The first link I provided is a reminder of how Islamic hatred towards non-Muslims festers everywhere, even in politically correct Europe.

    I suspect Arabs might indeed know that the incentives they propose the west offer up to them are not of any advantage to the west.

    In an article covering the attack on the UN building by residents of Gaza today, it was remarked by some of the people vandalizing the building that “this was a day of rage.” To which Michelle Malkin responded: “when is it not a day of rage for these people?”

    To which I might add:

    When is it not a day of rage for the Muslim world?

    When is the Muslim world not seething over something or other?

    Finally, I might add, that it is Muslims like you, Amal, that cause Americans like me to think it is unlikely the Muslim world will ever grow up, stop the violence, and take responsibility for itself. I suspect, that for Muslims, every day will be another “day of rage.”

    Here are your coreligionists in action:

    “I hope you rot in hell”

    Good luck with that.


    “I should really not consider what you have to say, because you rely on FOX news for your information.”

    When you don’t like what you see, you attack the messenger, huh? Can we get any more childish today, people? Jeez, between you and Amal…

    Now do you have some sort of evidence that the footage was contrived by Fox News, Linda? Are you aware that the same footage was shown by other stations as well? Grow up.

  27. euroarabe,

    Re: hiding behind civilians-

    U.N. Humanitarian Chief Jan Egeland (no great friend of Israel):

    “Consistently, from the Hezbollah heartland, my message was that Hezbollah must stop this cowardly blending … among women and children,” he said. “I heard they were proud because they lost very few fighters and that it was the civilians bearing the brunt of this. I don’t think anyone should be proud of having many more children and women dead than armed men.”

    From a letter to German left-wing newspaper Die Tagesspiegel:

    “I lived until 2002 in a small southern village near Mardshajund that is inhabited by a majority of Shias like me. After Israel left Lebanon, it did not take long for Hezbollah to have its say in other towns. Received as successful resistance fighters and armed to the teeth, they stored rockets in bunkers in our town as well. The social work of the Party of God consisted in building a school and a residence over these bunkers! A local sheikh explained to me laughing that the Jews would lose in any event because the rockets would either be fired at them or if they attacked the rockets depots, they would be condemned by world opinion on account of the dead civilians. These people do not care about the Lebanese population, they use them as shields, and, once dead, as propaganda. As long as they continue existing there, there will be no tranquility and peace.

    Dr. Mounir Herzallah

    Original German, for those who want to do their own translation:

    Ich wohnte bis 2002 in einem kleinen Dorf im S├â┬╝den nahe Mardschajun, das mehrheitlich von Schiiten wie mir bewohnt ist. Nach Israels Verlassen des Libanon dauerte es nicht lange, bis die Hisbollah bei uns und in allen anderen Ortschaften das Sagen hatte. Als erfolgreiche Widerstandsk├â┬Ąmpfer begr├â┬╝├â┼Şt, erschienen sie waffenstarrend und legten auch bei uns Raketenlager in Bunkern an. Die Sozialarbeit der Partei Gottes bestand darin, auf diesen Bunkern eine Schule und ein Wohnhaus zu bauen! Ein lokaler Scheich erkl├â┬Ąrte mir lachend, dass die Juden in jedem Fall verlieren, entweder weil die Raketen auf sie geschossen werden oder weil sie, wenn sie die Lager angriffen, von der Welt├â┬Âffentlichkeit verurteilt werden ob der dann zivilen Toten. Die libanesische Bev├â┬Âlkerung interessiert diese Leute ├â┬╝berhaupt nicht, sie benutzen sie als Schilder und wenn tot als Propaganda. Solange sie dort existieren, wird es keine Ruhe und Frieden geben.

    Dr. Mounir Herzallah,


  28. 1- South Lebanon is an area crowded with civilians. IT’s not a desert with camels!! There’s no crap called “hiding behind civilians” it’s all civilians.

    2- Hizbullah never killed any civilian in the past 20 years unless Israel attacked first.

    I’m not a fan of Hizbullah but it’s so shameful to call them terrorist and call Israel “a country that has the right to defend itself”. Israel is a terrorist organization but with borders and leaders who are more diplomatic than Arabs.

  29. Hareega

    Small correction, Israel is a terrorist organization with made up borders that are not recoginzed except by the US and Israel and forced on the rest of the world.

    And their leaders are not more diplomatic than Arabs, they happen to be a few shades lighter than Arabs, they are the right color.

  30. You’ll have to be more specific, Linda. Which link? Have you tried copying and pasting the link into your address bar?

  31. Hareega is right that there are lots of civilians in Southern Lebanon, but of course, in theory, Hisbollah could designate military areas and keep civilians out of them. However, Israel has total air superiority. If Hisbollah did neatly separate out civilians and fighters, the fighters would get pulverised through aerial bombardment. There’d be zero civilian deaths, but for Hisbollah fighters this strategy would be the equivalent of suicide.

    Hisbollah should return the 2 soldiers and promise not to attack Israel through rockets. What do they gain for Lebanon by refusing to do so?

    Israel should accept continual bombardment and the odd attempt at kidnapping. It lost them fewer soldiers and civilians over the six years they did so, than the recent offensive did in two weeks. As long as losses are that small, they can and should take the moral high ground and just put pressure on Hisbollah through world and Lebanese opinion.

    I think it’s in the interests of both sides to stop the fighting, even when the other does not.

    I’ve got no idea what 3ogla’s family has gone through, but I do know that my own grandmother got driven out of Strasburg as a little baby. Her parents never received any compensation. I don’t hold a grudge against France for that, today I can move to Strasburg, if I like and be a citizen with equal rights there.

    When Jews in Israel no longer fear discrimination, they’ll allow you / your descendants to settle in Israel/Palestine, in the mean time the best and most just way to get from here to there is to ask for reconciliation and to preach peace and non-violence. It isn’t by inflaming the situation with words that just give ammunition to those in Israel fearing that “right of return” is synonymous with “Jews to be driven into the sea” or barely accepted as third class citizens in an Arab state.

    Many Jews in Israel themselves have fled, often from Arab countries or Iran. They don’t want a “right of return” for themselves, even if they lost it all, because they don’t want to go back to being a persecuted minority.

  32. You are correct. Your children will never live in peace as long as the world keeps appeasing terrorists like Hezbollah and bashing Israel, the only country brave enough to take them on.

    How dare you refer to what happened in Qana as a massacre? As a journalist, I’m surprised you didn’t do just a little bit of research. If you had, you’d have found out that Hezbollah purposely fired from that building so that Israel would be bound to kill civilians when it fired back to take out the launcher. Hezbollah always hides among civilians so that Israel will be sure to hit civilians when it fires back.

    So if this was a massacre, let’s be clear about who is responsible for it: Hezbullah.

  33. And another thing, if Israel wanted to “massacre” anyone, it certainly wouldn’t warn the civilians beforehand through leaflets, phone calls, SMS messages, that they are planning to bomb the area and that civilians should evacuate the area. I’ve never heard of any other country taking these measures to ensure as few civilian casualties as possible.

    Israel received incorrect information that this building was empty. They did apologize that so many civilians were killed. I’ve never heard Hezbullah apologize for killing civilians (except Israeli Arabs) but then, they do it purposely. That’s their goal, to kill civilians. Israel did kill civilians, but that was not their goal. This was no massacre.

  34. Lebanon used to be the jewel of the Middle East. It always breaks my heart to see what it’s become.

    As long as Hizbollah continues to use civilians, willing and unwilling, as pawns in their death cult march to destroy Israel I’ve got no sympathy for the crop they’re reaping.

    As far as the “evil” of Israel as a nation I find it amazing how the same accusers are willing to turn a blind eye to the staggering lack of aid and support the Middle Eastern nations of the time offered at the time Israel came to be.

    More than anything I’m pleased to see 3olga’s comments. They’re ample proof that racist, xenophobic, irrational people exist and that their madness has to be checked at every turn. Good to know that color of skin has so much importance in 3olga’s world. *rolls eyes*

    And as far as knocking Fox news goes 99.99% of their material is easily available somewhere else, including Al Jazeera, CNN, etc. Railing at Fox just demonstrates deeper issues that have nothing to do with the news source.



    Hmm.. Why am I not at all surprised…. Its how terrorists work. Wait until bombs are going off, stage a fake massacre, then sit back and wait as all the idiots join them to fight the great cause. It happens, over, and over, and over again, how many times have we seen it in Iraq.., but they know that the people closest to the event, and thus most effected by it, will act like normal gullible and shocked humans, believe the most acceptable answer, not imho the worse one, which is obviously traitorous betrayal, then immediately stop thinking.

  36. Just a correction to what Heiko Gerhauser said, Arab Jews did not flee from Arab countries.
    the majority of Arab JEws left Arab countries and immigrated to Israel in 1948.
    Here’s the situation: Arabs were fighting Israel in ’48, and regardless of what you think of that war, all Arabs viewed ISrael as an enemy. When Israel won, Arab Jews left their countries and decided to become citiziens in what should have been their enemy. That kinda tells you something about their loyality to the countries they lived in.
    All my respect to the Jews who decided to stay in their own coutnries, but the majority did not.

  37. I’m trying to avoid getting drawn into the it did/didn’t happen discourse but there’s also this to remember:


    Massacre of the 21st century debunked in a month.

    Anyone with any background in journalism should understand why with terrible circumstance there needs to be hard questions asked. Qana may be a case of terrible mistakes and cost. It might also be something else and posing that question shouldn’t be a crime or deserving of castigation.

    Mocking honest grief and horror by making half hearted claims is equally shameful.


  38. Jim and the few idiots on here

    I dont’ care how you try to spin the situation. Its history and proven that Israel came to existence through injustice, they demolished my own home, so who is the racist, stupid Jim?

    Anyway I won’t get anymore into this mess. You can say whatever you want, your true colors are coming out slowly but surely to the whole world except the US sadly

  39. 3ogla, you are doing the right thing by stepping out of the shit hole created by Jim and his idiots. Save yourself while you can from the venom that they spew.

    The more these freaks say, the closer they get to neo-Nazis. Neo-Nazis refuse to acknowledge the WWII holocaust even when presented with tangible evidence which they are quick to poke holes at. Jim and his friends are the same: no matter how hard you try, they will never believe.

    I will repeat what I started out by saying in the very beginning, to everyone who has commented here and elsewhere, if peace is what you all truly want for everyone involved in this crisis, then you must work for justice.

    Without a just resolution to the problems of the Middle East, you guys will be shouting at each other till you are blue in the face – and nothing will change.

    Peace to all.

  40. There are very few Jews left in Arab countries. Outside of Morocco and Algeria I think it’s in the hundreds, when given normal population growth it should be well over a million, so in excess of 99.9% have left. On the other hand, there is still a sizeable minority Arab population in Israel, and the occupied territories are well over 90% Arab.

    I am not sure what you are trying to say in your correction. Why did virtually all Jews leave, if not for persecution and fear that they’d lose not only their homes, but their lives as well? Many people don’t care about politics, but virtually all care about their own personal safety. I just don’t see how 99.9% of Jews would leave without persecution.

    In 2005 I believe more Jews moved to Germany than to any other country in the world, Israel included. There was no net movement to Arab countries. Morocco and Algeria included, Germany has now something like twenty times as many Jews as all 20 odd Arab countries together.

    There are various reasons for that, but, in the end, no matter the past injustices, there can be mutual trust.

  41. “Here’s the situation: Arabs were fighting Israel in ’48, and regardless of what you think of that war, all Arabs viewed ISrael as an enemy. When Israel won, Arab Jews left their countries and decided to become citiziens in what should have been their enemy. That kinda tells you something about their loyality to the countries they lived in.”

    You make it sound as if they just weren’t happy living in Arab lands and decided to go to Israel. What a joke! They were frequently attacked, expelled and coerced by Arab governments into leaving. Many of them lost everything they owned in the proces.

    Jews lost a conservatively estimated $2.5 billion (in 1948 dollars) due to their expulsion.

    I suggest reading this document:

    But I suppose, by your logic, Israel ought to give its Arab population the boot. After all, judging by the strong support they gave Hamas in the Palestinian elections, there is really little question about where the loyalties of Israeli Arabs lie.

  42. I’m speechless.

    I’ve gone from being wary of a tragic circumstance to a Neo-Nazi.

    Holocaust denial is a thing that Americans don’t throw around lightly as an accusation. From my neighbor, a former army enlisted man that helped liberate one of the camps to my old downstairs neighbors, one of whom had a tattoo on his arm from the the original Nazi’s. Claiming that I’m of similar ilk to the bastards that dreamed up the “final solution” scores you no points and simply offers more proof to the theory that you’re an asshat.

    I certainly believe a tragedy occured in Qana. Unfortunately what lays in the shadows are the facts that it bears a resemblence to a similar incident from a few years ago.

    I can’t pretend to have answers to many of the issues at the heart of this conflict. I find war atrocities presented as fact, that can never be questioned or allowed to be investigated are the stuff of dangerous precedent. It isn’t “spin” to question the claims of a terrorist organization, it’s called healthy skepticism.

    This is a conflict thousands of years in the making and right now the moderates do not seem to be involved in the process.

    I suggest everyone cool off, go to their corners, and say a prayer for the truly innocent people caught in this conflict. I can’t pretend to guess who they are but odds are whatever diety you put faith in will likely be able to sort out who that is because I certainly can’t.



  43. The Israel-bashers here aren’t really interested in the facts. Even if it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Hezbollah murdered those people in Qana and put them in that building, they’d still say it was Israel’s fault. That’s their agenda and nothing you say will change their mind. I think it’s very telling, though, that they are so eager to side with Hezbullah, a terrorist organization.

    They don’t care that Hezbullah has been killing Lebanese citizens who try to evacuate dangerous areas of Lebanon, because they don’t want their human shields to get away. They don’t care that Hezbullah raises killing machines, recruiting small children and training them throughout their lifetime to hate and kill Israelis. They don’t care that Hezbullah’s whole reason for existence is to slaughter as many innocent Israeli citizens as they can. They don’t care that Hezbullah purposely launches it’s bombs from civilian areas so that when Israel fights back, civilians will be killed. This is a great victory for Hezbullah, since the PR of dead bodies is priceless. But to all of the Israel-bashers, all of these facts mean nothing.

    No, you don’t care about any of that. All you care about is that Hezbullah is fighting Israel, a country you’ve decided to hate.

    You’re all so pathetic. But don’t worry, there’s always a place for you in the KKK. Those white hoods will be perfect for you racist cowards to hide behind.

  44. I hope someone got Queen Noor’s very interesting comments down somewhere from Larry King Live on CNN from Tuesday night. She spoke about defusing the conflict’s basises for bloodshed, which no one else has really addresses — at least, not that I heard.

    Retired US statesman George Mitchell, on the same program, noted that even very old conflicts like the 800 year struggle between England and Ireland, with the complete exception of the north, can finally reach a peaceful course. So, yes, despite plenty of well-founded frustration, and with the Queen’s input, it appears that one day — hopefully before we’re all old and very gray — there might be peace in that region.

  45. Bradford

    You want facts. The facts are all these Jews moved from Europe took our land by force. My own home was demolished and stollen from my family.

    You want facts, they raped our women,they humiliated our youngsters and elders. You want facts, Israel came into existence by force and injustice.

    I can go on and on. Dont tell me about facts Mr. I’m not an Israeli basher, i just state the fact that Israel is a state that loves to suck blood, its a terrorist state, it exists based on injustice, and has no desire for peace.

    Here, take the facts and learn them

  46. I hope someone got Queen Noor’s very interesting comments down somewhere from Larry King Live on CNN from Tuesday night. She spoke about defusing the conflict’s basises for bloodshed, which no one else has really addresses — at least, not that I heard.

    I saw it. Who cares? What does it add to the solution? She said nothing other than what I would have expected her to say.

    As for George Mitchell,

    Retired US statesman George Mitchell, on the same program, noted that even very old conflicts like the 800 year struggle between England and Ireland, with the complete exception of the north, can finally reach a peaceful course.

    That fact that the IRA wants to negotiate is in no small measure due to the heavy infiltration of the IRA by British informants. Many of the top leaders in the organization were talking to British intelligence. George Mitchell’s diplomacy in the situation is about as critical as Henry Kissinger’s diplomacy leading to the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam. In other words, not very important at all.

    The willingness of the IRA to negotiate peace is due to the fact that the British took a hard line on the IRA for so many years and offered no concessions. You’ll also notice that the British have made the IRA’s disarmarment a condition for any talks.

  47. You know I’m so glad that tommy is an expert on all topics, thank God for idiots like you

  48. No 3ogla, you want the real facts. During WWII, before Israel was formed, Nazi propoganda and copies of Mein Kaumf where being spread all across the middle east by a handful of lunatics, one of which founded the Baath party and chose a variation on the swatztica for their flag. Jews ran to Israel from every place else for the same reason they left Nazi Germany and had the western world not founded Israel as an attempt to stop it, they would have all been killed by the same sort of, “poor us, it must be all the Jews’ fault, because it couldn’t possibly be anything we did”, mentality of that the Nazis used to justify their world conquests. Try reading history, instead of letting the lunatics and madmen that run your countries “tell” you what to believe, maybe you would learn something. Though, I seriously doubt it. One of the first rules of fanaticism and hatred is, “Don’t think for yourself, let us do it for you.”

  49. 3ogla, I know I’m wasting my time trying to talk to you. You have your agenda and aren’t really interested in the truth. You’ve decided that Israel is Little Satan and all the truth in the world won’t change your mind.

    I don’t suppose you care that in 1948, the UN partitioned the land in 2 states, 1 for the Jews and 1 for the Arabs. Things would have been pretty good in the region if the Arabs hadn’t decided they wanted ALL OR NOTHING tried to annihilate the Jewish population.

    All the Arab nations told the “Palestinians” living in Israel to leave, to go somewhere safe until all the Jews were pushed into the sea- then they could come back to their homes. So thousands of Palestinians left, despite the Jewish population urging them to stay.

    Many also left because the Arab countries also threatened that any who stayed would be treated as collaborators and executed.

    Problem: all those Arab countries couldn’t conquer Israel- and all those Arab countries abandoned the Palestinians they had promised to take care of. Use Google and you will see quotes from endless ARABS that admit to this.

    The Israelis have built a state while the Palestinians would rather live a life of terrorism and handouts.

    The only rapists and terrorists I see are the Palestinians. The only injustice I see is that the Palis are allowed to get away with their terrorism and suicide bombings while the Jews only want to live in peace. They withdrew from Gaza precisely for that reason, you dullard! Didn’t get them too far, though.

    I know nothing I just said will make any difference to you. But maybe someone reading this will stop and think for a minute- and do further research online. Everything I said is verifiable through a variety of sources.

    You people are always complaining that Jews come from around the world to live in Israel. Israel is a legal, recognized country. Why shouldn’t it be allowed to let Jews from anywhere immigrate?

    If the Palestinians had accepted their own state back in 1948, they too could have allowed people from anywhere in the world to emigrate. The Palis have really screwed themselves up over the years, but it’s not the Jews fault. Hell would freeze over before the Palis would EVER blame themselves for their sorry situation.

    Bye, 3ogla. I won’t be bothering with you again, I’ve just wasted enough of my time.

  50. Appearently, as sad as it is, the wise man who once said the following statement has not been proven to be wrong yet; He saide : ” It appears that when Israelis agree to terms and conditions (T’s & C’s ) for peace, Arabs will not; and when Arabs agree to T’s and C’s for peace, Israelis will not. And when both agree, God will not ! ”

  51. This is all just so sad. It seems like everyone involved in this conflict are total idiots. They won’t stop because they don’t know how to stop, and the options they have aren’t acceptable.

    Personally, I think Israel has been overreacting since they went after Yassir Arafat. But Israel is not entirely at fault; Hezbollah has made their share of trouble too. So has the Iraqi Insurgency, so has Al Queda, so has members of the media, and Government Officials.

    I think anyone who feels violence is the only solution to a problem and refuses to consider any alternative is an idiot. Well, given the problems the Middle East is facing, there has got to be a record number of idiots in the world today.

    For the record, the holocaust did happen. Denying it means not acknowledging the horrible mistakes that were made (which is an understatement) and the terrible danger of repeating them.

  52. Jason Osborne

    Are you on something? How the hell do you manage to blame everyone for this except the US. Iraq is the sole fault of the US so don’t you try your Jewish propoganda now trying to link Hizbullah to Al Qeada to Iraq. These are all 3 separate issues ok.

    Iraq is a big mistake that the US comitted. Al Qeada is a screwed up organization that was empowered by the US during the days of the cold war. Hizbullah is a resistance movement to the Israeli occupation, while I have no particular liking to Hizbullah, you can’t compare it to Al Queada.

  53. You know what amazes me is that we don’t see any moderate voices from the west speaking up against extremists such as worried, jason, mark, etc… why is that

  54. Maybe it’s because you label everyone who doesn’t agree with you an “extremist”?

    Just a thought.

  55. Mark

    Actually you are quite mistaken, you look at your posts that are calling muslims terrorists basically. On the other hand I respect every person’s opinion but not when some bastard says its ok these civilians needed to die, its for a good cause, I’m sick of the proIsrael spin evil machine. So I do have respect for many, for you I have none.

  56. Mark

    Also to prove you wrong, to give examples of American politicians taht I have respect for but of different opinion on many things include, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Former sec. of state James Baker, do you want me to go on?

  57. Mark

    Knowing your dirty evil mind before you jump in and say that you respect those that have a different opinion, how about when you lumped sum the whole Arab world into one and said:

    “And what of the rest of the Arab world? Regret or celebration?”

    Yallah go hit the road jack and don’t you come back no more no more no more

  58. “you look at your posts that are calling muslims terrorists basically”

    Show me where I said that. I called Hezbollah terrorists, not all Muslims. It doesn’t do your argument any good to falsely characterize what other people said. That’s part of your problem of labeling those who disagree with you “extremists”, just like I said.

    “Knowing your dirty evil mind”.

    Oh, you know my “dirty, evil mind”? Who’s being the extremist here?

    “And what of the rest of the Arab world? Regret or celebration?”

    Take a poll. I have confidence I’d be proved right.

  59. Yes Mark

    This would be another great CNN poll, I greatly love those. Well you know, over half of Americans back Bush on his policy regarding whats happening in Lebanon, so if your house is made of glass don’t throw stones.

    Mark you are angry, you are hateful, look in the mirror and try to figure out what you can change about yourself. Its peace that we need here not more justification for killing civilians, enough is enough. For you its a game, people dying in the Middle East is a game, for us its personal. End the invasion of Iraq, stop sending US tax dollars to Israel to destroy Palsetinian lives, and once and for all tell Israel they can’t continue their terrorist actions against civilians and then people can live. Enough is enough.

  60. Mark

    Also you want to play the Hizbullah is a terrorist organization. Ok why is Hizbullah a terrorist organization? Hizbullah the last time I checked did not occupy someone elses land, the last time I checked they didn’t demolish anyone’s home, the last time I checked they are resisting Israeli occupation of their land, last time I check its Israel that is doing all that, so maybe its Israel that is a terrorist organiztion, a country based on injustice, a country that lacks moral standrads, a country that tries to prosper through the persecution of others. I don’t have any liking to Hizbullah but maybe if there wasn’t any injustice there wouldn’t be a Hizbullah did you ever think of that?

  61. “Mark you are angry, you are hateful, look in the mirror…”

    I am not angry or hateful at all and neither anger nor hate shows in the posts I’ve made. You, on the other hand, are a different story.

    You’re the extremist, 3ogla. Look in the mirror.

  62. “You’re the extremist, 3ogla. Look in the mirror.”

    If someone that asks for ending war and peace between people is an extremist to you then so be it.

  63. Yep, I figured that was one of the responses I’d get to my comments.

    First, I’m not Jewish, second I do blame, not only the US, but other Governments in the world (why do you think I didn’t name names?).

    And yes, I am an idiot in certain matters. I’m not a genius, I don’t pretend to be one, and I certainly do not have first- or even second-hand knowledge of every topic in the world.

  64. “And yes, I am an idiot in certain matters. I’m not a genius, I don’t pretend to be one, and I certainly do not have first- or even second-hand knowledge of every topic in the world.”

    Well then maybe since you dont’ have a first or second hand knowledge on the subject you should maybe ask questions, learn, go to the region. Try to understand what Al Queda is and who empowered it. Try to unerstand what the difference between Hizbullah and Al Queda is. How Hizbullah came to existance. What objectives do each have. Also try to understand the realties on the ground. Again to you its just a game to sit in the US infront of your computer and type messages. To us our children are dying, half of my family had to leave Lebanon within the past 3 weeks, they are left homeless, we lost our home in Palestine.

    Maybe if there was justice we wouldn’t have such organizations as Hizbullah, Hamas, Al Queda. However unfortunatly, the existance of the biggest terrorist organization in the world “Israel” is creating extremis because of the injustice the inflict on others.

    Additionally, I don’t get why you would shove the comment about the Hollocost in there, no one is denying that the hollocost took place, but maybe the West should pay the price for it since the comitted it not the Arabs. And for now try to look at the present day Hollocost that Israel is comitting against the Arabs, I think you’d be much better of asking questions rather than making such comments.

  65. You raise a good point. I should ask questions, and I do. But… how do you propose that I travel to the region and learn about these two groups? I’d most likely be shot on sight.

    I do ask questions and I have an opinion. Violence isn’t an answer. For one reason or another have been killing each other for centuries, and for what? Because of a different view on God? Because they think they’re doing God a service?

    Maybe Israel are becoming extremists; it’s possible and I don’t think that punishing a country by bombing it is right. But what about Hezbullah? What about Al Queda? Do you think that shooting rockets into villages and flying planes into buildings is how to gain independence or to drive Israel out? All this has done, and is still doing, is generating more hatred and fear.

    The comment about the holocaust, in my opinion, applies for the Middle East because it was born out of insanity. It was directed at a certain group, and that it targeted the Jewish was inconsequential. Hitler could’ve chosen anyone (and did–the physically and mentally handicapped, the Gypsies, gays, lesbians). My point is that people were killed because they were different. Now Israel is making some of the same mistakes. They’re blaming a certain group on their woes and catching others in the crossfire, and they’re idiots for doing so.

  66. Jason

    First I have to say thanks for being more open minded than some idiots on this site. I never suggested that you should travel to Palestine and Lebanon. But people could easily travel to other Middle Easter country that are peaceful and wonderful such as Jordan, and you can learn a lot there.

    ” do ask questions and I have an opinion. Violence isn’t an answer. For one reason or another have been killing each other for centuries, and for what? Because of a different view on God? Because they think they’re doing God a service?”

    I am so glad you raised this point. Please be rest assured that this conflict has nothing to do with relegion or with God. Extremists on both side use that as a stupid excuse. This is a simple problem, its about people coming to Palestine and steeling land from the Palestinians and making them homeless and refugees and its about what they continue to do today, deeds such as ethnic cleansing, home demolishing, destroying infrastructure etc…

    As far as Hizbullah, Al Queda, Hamas etc.. maybe I wasn’t clear in my previous messages. I hope eventually all these organizations disapear, you think I want those to exist. HOwever, what I was also saying is you need to understand how and why these exist. Hamas is the creation of Israel. Israel created Hamas in the early 80s because they refused to deal with the PLO the sole and only representative of the Palestinian people at the time. So this is what they get now. Al Queda, its just the “Godly” ally of the US that defeated the “UnGodly” enemby (soviets) in Afghanistan. Hizbullah, if Israel did not occupy Lebanon and steel land from them, Hizbuallah would be non existant today.

    As far as the Hitler/Hollocost comment, I totally agree with you. Had Hitler been more successful he would have come after the Arabs next. And yes Israel is doing the same to the Arabs as was done to them. God help us all.

    I hope you find my comments helpful.

  67. 3ogla, I did find your comments helpful, and I should apologize for some of my own.

    In reflection, I felt that my initial comments were not clear or well-considered to begin with either; I certainly didn’t think you actually suggested I’d travel to these places. That was me being a little miffed, a bit sarcastic, with a very (tiny) dash of humor thrown in (not that I find anything about the crisis funny).

    Finally, and this is directed at anyone who reads our comments, there’s nothing wrong with believing in a certain religion. If I’m not mistaken, the Koran has a passage that is similar to the Bible’s commandant that “thou shalt not kill.” For those that feel to contrary, bear in mind that no one religion has this sad problem.

  68. 3ogla’s favorite knower-of-all-things is baaaaack!

    Ok why is Hizbullah a terrorist organization?

    Well, they have a long history of kidnapping, torturing, and killing people.

    They also were responsible for blowing up an embassy and a Jewish community center in Argentina. They killed over a hundred people in those two attacks.

    They conduct “military actions” out of uniform, in heavily populated areas, and behind human shields. They also hide their weapons in civilian homes, schools, and mosques.

    There was also that little thing of attacking US Marines and French paratroopers back in the eighties. How much do you want to bet the suicide bomber was not wearing a uniform at the time or following any of the other expected rules of legitimate combatants during wars?

    Besides all that, I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why some might consider Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

    It is a big mystery.

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