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Monthly archives for September, 2006

‘Post Global’ hosts debat...

‘Post Global’ hosts debate on potential new UN chief
The Washington Post‘s new on-line feature "PostGlobal," which is being moderated by David Ignatius and Fareed Zakaria, is hosting a debate this week on the replacement for Kofi Annan as UN chief. As I blogged previously, Jordan’s prince Zeid bin Ra’ad is among the candidates to replace Annan. Though he has an outsi [...]

In the name of ‘honor’ an...

In the name of ‘honor’ another one bites the dust
Yet another woman has been murdered in cold blood in the name of honor. According to The Jordan Times, the deceased became the thirteenth woman killed this year in Jordan in what is termed an "honor crime." Authorities on Thursday said two brothers confessed to murdering their sister for reasons related to family honor two weeks ago [...]

US organizations file suit against Jo...

US organizations file suit against Jordan over workers’ rights
So after issuing a report slamming the rights extended to workers in Jordan’s Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ), the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, or AFL-CIO, and the US National Textile Association (NTA), are filing a lawsuit against Jordan. The AFL-CIO, the largest labor federation in the US, re [...]

The roller coaster rider

The roller coaster rider
When the husband told me of his desire to take me to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia I answered saying: "Great. But no roller coasters." "We’ll see," he said under his breath. As soon as we arrived, the first thing we did was ride a roller coaster, the park’s legendary Loch Ness Monster. I have no idea [...]

Jordan’s promising Institute of...

Jordan’s promising Institute of Cinematic Arts generates online controversy
Thanks to the blogosphere, I’ve found out about an amazing cinematic project that will be established in Jordan. It is the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts (RSICA) based in Jordan’s Red Sea resort town of Aqaba. I first heard about this great project on Laith’s blog and it really made my day knowing that such a highly ne [...]