Williamsburg: A trip back to colonial times

I enjoy a a capital moment One of the most unique places I have visited in this country so far is Williamsburg, Virginia. What made this place special for me is it the vast amount of history associated with it. During our two-day visit there a few weeks back, I received a crash-course in American history.

Thanks to our quick museums tours, I got to know about the Revolutionary War, the victory in Yorktown, the Boston tea party, what taxation without representation is all about and the daily doings of the early immigrants who formed the first colonies.

A candlight dinner serenadeVisiting Jamestown, which is right down the road from Williamsburg, was pretty eye opening as well. I laid my eyes upon the original location of the first colony that gave birth to what is now the United States. It was exciting to see the early haunts of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas, two characters that for awhile I thought of as mere fiction.

Downtown Williamsburg was the most enchanting part of it all. It was a bit surreal for me to wander down cobblestone streets alongside people dressed in colonial clothes, speaking in colonial accents, while listening to colonial music and eating colonial food. It was a trip back in time in every sense of the word.

Dining in Williamsburg was out of this world, as we savored a colonial dinner in the dark using only candles for lighting — just like the good old days. Overall, it was a memorable trip. I will let the pictures — taken by the super talented husband — speak for themselves.

A tavern call goes out Colonial fortress A colonial reader

2 thoughts on “Williamsburg: A trip back to colonial times”

  1. Williamsburg was one of my favorite spots in my first trip to the DC -area back in 2001. I liked that candlelight dining, the performances and chatting with the shop workers about taboo things like trading with the Spaniards down south.

    I still haven’t been to Jamestown and Yorktown, so I hope to get back to the area some day.

  2. Just looked over your last several blog entries – first time I’ve checked in some while: Lovely picture of Jill and well-deserved attention for the whole group, I’d think.
    Natasha, your blog just keeps developing and seems quite well-written, reported, and organized to me! Interesting, informative on several fronts, and laid out well. Kudos to you, too!
    Did your hubby inform you of his link to Jamestown and Williamsburg? He is descended from John and Priscilla Alden on his great-grandmother’s side (through your father-in-law’s grandmother). This geneaological trace was done by my Cousin Steve, I believe. So you can think of Virginia as a new sort of “home”, or family origin.
    The area is also the location of many dates your Uncle Dave and I had, and not far from where we were married years ago, in Hampton. I have wonderful memories of teaching and living in this beautiful area of Virginia (not quite as developed in those years, as what you saw recently – a status we enjoyed).
    Love to you both.

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