Jordanian Muna Nijem runs for ITU Secretary General

Muna NijemJordanian IT expert Muna Nijem is currently in the running for the position of Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Unit (ITU). According to ITU’s official website, the unit is an international organization headquartered in Geneva that operates within the United Nations System, where governments and the private sector coordinate global telecom networks and services.

Muna Nijem was chairman and CEO of Jordan’s Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC). Before that she worked with the UN and other international organizations. Here is a link to her biography. On her website, Nijem explains her plans for the ITU, saying:

If elected, I will not lose sight of key elements of the ITU’s mission. In particular, I will focus on how the ITU can help Members to employ ICT as an engine for building a better future for all nations, rich and poor, developed and developing, technologically advanced or emerging. While I know that no one can predict the future, I can commit to providing the leadership that the ITU needs to fulfill its mission.

It is worth noting that Nijem is the the first woman candidate for this position and the only candidate from Asia. I wish her the best of luck. Her appointment would sure put Jordan on the global IT map.

7 thoughts on “Jordanian Muna Nijem runs for ITU Secretary General”

  1. It seems that the comment of Khalaf has not yet appeared on the Muna Najm blog and I doubt it will pass the filter let alone getting an answer.
    I know the Jordanian feminist movement will be ecstatic to support her but as far as I am concerned I need to know her and Fawaz Zoubi’s role in the Umniah deal before I get excited.

  2. I saw her blog

    I don’t know how I ended up on her mailing list.

    Can you please tell me more about the position she’s running for, Natasha?


  3. This is the comment I left. It is still “awaiting moderation” 12 hours later.

    Best of luck. Can you enlighten me about your role in awarding the Umniah license, and your take on the controversy?


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