Month: February 2007

Quick rant: East Bankers vs. West Bankers

I really do not understand why, in this day and time, there are some people that are still hung up on the issue of East Bankers vs. West Bankers. I’m talking about a comment I received yesterday by someone calling themselves "Fairfax Boy." Here is Fairfax Boy’s contribution to the discussion about Amman’s urban development. …

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Saving Dibbin

I was asked by reader Mohammad to give some exposure to the message below. I’m obliging, as the threat to "Jordan’s only real forest" is really quite distressing. According to the Friends of the Environment website, Dubai Capital Company has plans to build four hotels right in the heart of the Aleppo forest. Here is …

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Ibrahim Nasrallah profiled in ‘The Guardian’

Last week, The Guardian newspaper ran a profile of Jordanian-Palestinian novelist/poet Ibrahim Nasrallah. Of course I was thrilled to see a fellow countryman profiled in such a highly acclaimed publication. However, it ailed to realize that the focus of the article was on the constant harassment he was/is receiving from the notorious Jordanian censorship department. …

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