Charmed by ‘The Prestige’

Still combo from 'The Prestige During the past month or so we have been extremely busy with work, friends’ visits and other responsibilities such that we were unable to indulge in one of our favorite pastimes: watching movies.

During that time, I truly yearned for a good movie. I just wanted to watch one that would satisfy my thirst after nearly a month of movie deprivation. My wish came true last night when watching a flick that proved a treat in every sense of the word: The Prestige. It was simply magical.

The storyline was its primary forte. It is smart, engaging and unexpected, filled with twists and turns. It revolves around the art of magic and the pursuit of accomplishing the perfect trick meant to awe an audience forever. It is also a story of love, envy, passion, revenge and ugly competition. The acting was phenomenal as well. A top-notch team of actors in addition to phenomenal cinematography made the movie one of a kind. I could go on forever about this movie, but I will save us all precious time and simply say: Watch it.

Ah, did I mention that the great singer David Bowie stars as Nicolai Tesla in this fantastic movie. Yet another reason to watch it now!

6 thoughts on “Charmed by ‘The Prestige’”

  1. Very good movie!

    But Tesla was played by David Bowie?!! Damn, I did not recognize the guy with the mustache and the short hair!!!!!!

  2. Karen and I enjoyed “The Prestige” fairly well, but loved “The Illusionist”, another magician film starring Edward Norton. It was much more satisfying to us. “The Prestige” telegraphed the solution way too early with the top hats and cats on the hillside. We found the ending anticlimactic though anytime you can watch Michael Caine and David Bowie on screen is time well spent. Take a look at “The Illisionist” sometime…it’s a winner.

    Uncle Al

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