Quick confession

I have a new addiction. It is the one and only Facebook. These days I’m finding myself checking this networking portal at least 10 times a day. I’m not sure why. Nothing much happens in there. I guess what has got me is the idea of "six degrees of separation," where I find myself getting in touch with people from as far back as elementary school. All of a sudden I’m reconnecting with scores of people that I befriended during the last thirty years of my life. It is absolutely fascinating.

My "Friends" on Facebook range from old coworkers to people I went to graduate school with to family relatives and old friends, all of them scattered across the globe. What a neat service and what an organized way to keep in touch with your loved ones! I highly recommend it.

I even got the husband, who is usually highly skeptical of networking portals, into it. Every once in a while I catch him checking the latest developments of his "friends" on Facebook or browsing through the photos updated by his acquaintances. Pretty neat!

As is case with many of my obsessions, I’m quite sure that I will lose interest eventually, but I’m not sure when. For the time being I’m hooked.

5 thoughts on “Quick confession”

  1. Natasha, I’ll have to look you up there!!

    Hey, I tagged you…as a gift to all the engaged and newlywed bloggers, I asked all the married bloggers of JP/JB/QP to post about the secrets of a happy marriage. 😀

  2. So funny that I also am finding myself recently addicted to facebook. I thought it was a domain where teenagers roamed, but I am surprised to find so many old friends and relatives, not to mention colleagues. Instead of finding random people to make friends with, I am finding people making friends within the trusted circle of their friends’ friends.
    I am on my way to Amman tomorrow to spend the next week or so there. We are taking several American friends there with us who have never been there. Time to show them Jerash, Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum, Mt Nibo etc.

  3. Like that is totally awesome. It’s like so cool that you’re like catching up with old friends and like new ones. Welcome to the world of cheesy social website networking.

  4. I took up your suggestion. It does look better than the other social networks, especially the search function. Natasha is always on top of things!

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