My friend Dan and Obama

My friend Dan has been working to convert me into joining the Obama cult for the past month or so. Every morning he comes to the office and tells me about Obama. I keep telling Dan I’m not sure my citizenship papers will be completed in time for the elections, "so you might be preaching to the wrong crowd here." "But you can convince your husband," he tells me.

I tell him: "I like Obama, but Hillary is the one with the experience. She is the one who will be able to deal with the sharks."

He says "You are from Jordan, you like monarchies and you feel secure with having the same family in politics." "Maybe," I respond.

"But Obama strikes me as arrogant and overconfident for a junior senator,"  I say. "And Hillary is not?" he retorts.

Dan never stops. He sends me links and articles to show me how good and genuine Obama is. I have to admit, though, Obama is looking good these days. Even as a self-described Clinton supporter, the Obama charm is reaching me. I guess it is the message of hope that touches me most. We all need hope. Obama might sound naive and might be describing a fairytale political existence, but hearing him is inspiring although I do not quite buy it. I guess I’m too jaded to believe in radical changes, especially when it comes to politics.

Today is Super Tuesday and you can feel the excitement in the air, at least here in DC. I would be happy with either one of them winning, but then again my opinion doesn’t mean much. However, my husband is still undecided. Maybe Dan needs to go chat with him.

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  1. Natasha, if even I, the Evangelical Republican, am leaning toward Obama, DO think twice!! But hey, no pressure.

    I just remember how awful it was under her last presidency. You know, when Bill was in office. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Plus, if Hillary the primary, I think some will vote for the Republican candidate just because they dislike her so!

    (I just saw Captain Abu Raed. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!)

  2. I just don’t trust Obama. There’s just something about him. Granted, I’d MUCH rather him than Romney or Huckabee, but there’s something about Obama that worries me. I agree that he is naive too. Oh well, I already voted for Hillary so now I can just hope.

  3. “I guess I’m too jaded to believe in radical changes, especially when it comes to politics.” Yeah I hear you on that…but you have to have hope. This year is might become the year in which those HUGE changes start!

    Dan the Man…keep up the good work and convert everyone you can! There is plenty of room on the train.

    Natasha, you can still give to his campaign even you your not able to vote just yet…. Click on the red Donate box ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. This year is might become the year in which those HUGE changes start!
    Unfortunately, no matter who wins, I think that Bush has messed up this wonderful country so much that it’ll take a miracle — something that no man or woman can fix in just 4 years.

  5. Hi,
    would u like to see Bill again in the white house?
    I know that Hillary is a hipocrate and I prefer to see Obama in the White House, wow an African American ruling this country!

  6. wow an African American ruling this country!
    My question to people — if Obama were white would you like him as much? Ali, this question isn’t directed towards you, just towards people in general in Obama’s corner for the wrong reasons. I’m tired of hearing about people voting for Obama or loving him because he’s black. Truth is, he’s half black, half white. Let me reiterate by saying that I know not everyone is doing this. I know a lot of people who truly like OBAMA, not “black” Obama, and those are the people who’s decisions I respect. How about, we’re voting because he is a great candidate that can make a change? That reasoning I respect but the truth is, I know a lot of people leaning on the race card with him, who truly don’t know anything he stands for. Many are doing the same with Hillary because she’s female. That’s wrong too. I don’t care if a candidate is black, white, yellow, orange, green…male/female…who cares?? As long as they can fix the mess that Bush made over the past 7 years…and is a democrat ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Well if I to vote and this won’t be before 7 years from now probably when I get my US citizenship (if the conservatives are not in power again), I would vote for someone who is fit for the position. But Obama combines 2 things, being young & charming and being a minority. Condloessa Rice is a minority and I hate her guts. If I was to vote, I’d vote for a an Independent candidate and worst case I’d vote for a dmeocrate. Why does America has only two parties while other democratic countries have more than two like France, Italy?

  8. But Obama combines 2 things, being young & charming and being a minority
    Why should his race be a factor though? That’s what I’m trying to get at. A politician’s stance on issues and potential for being a great leader is what should matter, not the color of his skin.

    Condloessa Rice is a minority and I hate her guts
    This may be true for you, but I’m willing to bet you that if she ran for president there would be MANY people who’d vote for her because she is black, the same people who wouldn’t give her or Obama a second thought if she were white. Can we say Oprah? She has NEVER been political until now. Do you think that if Obama were 100% white she’d be backing him? She’s never campaigned with any other candidate, ever. Coincidence?
    I think that one of my big issues with Obama is his lack of experience. He’s talks a good game, but I feel he isn’t nearly experienced enough in Washington to implement his ideas. If he ran again in 4 years I’d probably feel differently. He has wonderful ideas but I just don’t think he could implement them. This country is in such shambles that we need someone with experience to help fix it. Just my own opinion.
    Again, I don’t care what race,nationality, gender, etc a candidate is. I base my vote on who I think can actually help this country. I feel it’s Hillary, many others disagree. After Super Tuesday, we’re seeing that the country is pretty much split. Either way, however, will be happy if either candidate gets in office.

  9. dm, I think most people who like Obama like him because he’s very inspiring, whether or not this has to do with his race is unclear to me and perhaps to some of his supporters as well. It’s not the only reason people are voting for him, Jesse Jackson was a very reasonable candidate but he didn’t come as close to Obama in becoming the president.

    America’s image in the world has become so negative in recent years thanks to the current administration and I know that most Americans do care, to various degrees, on how are they viewed in the rest of the world. No race has been discriminated against or persecuted more than blacks whether inside or outside the US, and democratically electing a president from that race to be the leader of the strongest country in the world sends a powerful message to the world that America is getting over racism.

    He’s the least experienced -that doesn’t mean he’s politically naive- but Dick Cheney and Rumsfield had the most experience in Bush’s administration and you can tell that wasn’t that helpful.

  10. Hareega,
    You make some very good points. I do know of some who want him in because he’s black, but I do know of many who want him in because they feel he is the best leader. Your point about racism is very good, but can’t we say the same about women as well? Women make up only 17% of our government. Electing a female president will show the world that the U.S. isn’t as sexist as is thought. The discrimination argument can go for either candidate.

    As far as experience, I do feel more comfortable voting for someone who has it, which isn’t Obama; however, very valid point about Cheney and Rumsfeld. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  11. dm

    You might not admit it, but obviously you have a huge problem with a black or even a non white president for that reason.

    If you think Obama is naive, I’d rather have him as president over a zionist, evil Hillary Clinton.

  12. Arabi, stop projecting your own prejudices on me. If I don’t want a black president (which IS NOT true) then you obviously don’t want a white president you prejudiced moron. How do you like me acting like I know you? I suggest you keep your mouth shut because you don’t now a damn thing about me! Just because I don’t think someone should be elected president just because of the color of their skin means I’m prejudiced? It’s attitudes like that that make me so incredibly angry about this! Obviously you can’t read.
    Again, I don’t care what race,nationality, gender, etc a candidate is. I base my vote on who I think can actually help this country.
    Funny how you forgot about that statement, or did you just choose to ignore it? Besides how do you know I’m not married to a black person? How do you know I don’t have loved ones who are black? You know NOTHING about me so stop acting like you do! Welcome to America where people have the freedom to CHOOSE who they want as president. Just because I don’t want Obama in doesn’t mean I am prejudiced. I am using my OWN FREEDOM OF CHOICE to vote for Hillary. My God, I hate talking about politics with people like you. So what if I want a different candidate in office from who you want? Get over it and grow up, and race has NOTHING to do with it. You are the one who is making this about race, not me.

  13. dm

    Who told you I want Obama? If you really need to know I want McCain.

    Also the fact that you got so angry proves my point.

    Also just for the record, I want a white president, I don’t want black president.

    Anger management could help.

    And thank you for welcoming me to America. I really felt unwelcomed until you welcomed me. lol

  14. And thank you for welcoming me to America. I really felt unwelcomed until you welcomed me. lol
    You’re quite welcome — and you proved no point
    And I honestly could give a damn who you vote for…but thanks for sharing.

  15. Arabi for God’s sake man, not everyone who deoesn’t support Obama is a racist. I don’t like a lot a lot of Arabs and I consider a lot of them as total morons but that’s not because I’m racists against my own race.

  16. ร˜ยงร™โ€žร™โ€ฆร˜ยดร™ฦ’ร™โ€žร˜ยฌร™ล /Trouble maker

    Bad news for you Natasha,your Hilary just lost your home state too,hilary is in bad shape ,I think she will be removed from the picture once and for all pretty soon ,Iam so happy,who needs another Zionist in the white house.

  17. Hareega

    Was I talking to you? Also who said that everyone that doesn’t support Obama is racist. I don’t support Obama to being with.


  18. Obama all the way. He’s smart and believes in countries talking to each other even if they’re considered “enemies”. It’s the only way to fix the damage Bush did with his arrogant administration over the world stage. I think we’re going to see a different America under Obama. Whereas with Hillary expect more of the same political bullshit.

  19. I feel like Obama is a charismatic speaker offering hope, but I have the funny feeling that if elected one day the american public is going to suddenly realize that their emporer has no clothes. His campaign guy is brilliant though, and he is a quick study and a terrific orator. As you have no doubt by now surmised, I am a Hillary supporter, because I think Bill actually did ok in office. Certainly a lot better than the Bush alternatives around him. And I think Hillary is a lot smarter and better than Bill. So she seems like more the known quantity to me and I have more confidence in her ability to do well. But don’t get me wrong, after Bush, Obama would be most welcome too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do wish Hillary could campaign on that. “Bill didn’t suck (like Bush), and I am a lot smarter than him.”

  20. “It’s always a little scary when you feel there’s only one good choice and that if anyone else wins we’re all going to hell in a handbasket. :)”

    Just think how scary it is for the rest of the world who can’t vote and have to take the consequences anyway… Feels a bit like taking a taxi ride in Amman!

  21. It’s now March 20th. Does your friend Dan and all the other Obama supporters still think he is the messiah?

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