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When I first started this blog, I was very passionate about my opinions. I talked candidly about how I felt about certain topics especially the politics of the Middle East. Of course, the outcome of this was nasty comments posted on this blog mostly by anonymous readers. I was called many names and I was attacked personally. In one instance I was called a "Christian bitch." I deleted improper comments and banned users, but that never stopped the flow of nasty comments. At first, these comments used to get to me and I even lost some sleep just thinking about some of them.

Now, since my blogging is becoming less and less, the number of comments in general (along with the improper ones) are decreasing to almost zero.

However, the other day I got one of those comments. It was in reaction to a post that I wrote years ago about statements made by a Jordanian member of parliament. Here is the post. And here is the comment that I received last week from someone with the alias "me you us."

Middle eastern tyran in a bloggers outfit. Same old tyranny but new style of wording. Why are you so upset about what she says; right or wrong. Has none to do with you. STOP MEDDLING WITH OTHER’S BUSINESS. SHAME ON YOU!

I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but frankly, I did not lose sleep over this or get upset and bite my nails. I just brushed it off and even laughed. Am I becoming less passionate? Or is it because I have been away from the Middle East for almost three years now? Or is this is one of the hallmarks of being thirty and jaded?

I’m not sure. But I will continue to blog. Things are settling down now in my life now and I have time to jot down my thoughts like I always did. Blogging for me is therapeutic and I do not think I should give it up. However, with blogging comes mean comments like the one above. I’m ready for them, and no, I will not lose sleep over them.

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  1. I wouldn’t let that kind of nonsense get to you. All bloggers get their fair share of unpleasant comments (and nice ones too) But please continue posting…I love your blog!

  2. I don’t think you didn’t lose any sleep over it because you became less passionate, but you’re just growing a thicker skin so it’s harder to upset you.

    By the way that comment is pretty polite compared to some of the ones I get. I had people say they want to hang me from a tree upside down 🙂

  3. You shouldn’t lose any sleep over these idiots. They’re all over. They have nothing, no point and absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.
    It’s not like someone disagrees or something like that. It’s someone there to insult and spread some more spam and junk
    I hope you return to us again, as passionate as before. You’re the very first blog that I ever read, and made me want to blog too.

  4. Don’t worry about them. They just can’t handle any kind of truth. I am also sure that they are very jealous of your blog and your outgoing personality. There will always be someone who wants to put you down just to feel better about their miserable self. Best of luck!

  5. You were one of my first main blog reads, too, Natasha. Miss your viewpoint!

    I get nasty comments too, and I’ve learned now just to delete them. Then I pray for the person,since they are obviously either very troubled or don’t have much of a life.

  6. It’s difficult to completely ignore nasty comments especially in the beginning, and almost every blogger gets them. As long as you discuss something controversial, you’ll always get them unfortunately.

    However if there are threatening comments, learn how to track their source. Some people spend time in jail for threatening others on the internet.

  7. Actually you did lose sleep over it, to the point that you had tom come and blog about it:)

    Nasty comments are not right, but with all due respect your style of blogging is very provoking because it shows your resentment (don’t wanna used the word hate here) specially when it comes to certain topics (which I will not go into). This is just my opinion and if you consider it a nasty comment then honesty is a bad thing.

  8. Here is what I like about your posts CONCISE and to the point. You can tell it comes from a professional. I do like reading your blog and yes you are not writing as much as you used to.
    I can’t understand the profanity of some people’s comments but it exist and we can’t eliminate it, unfortunately.

  9. Its funny you chose to post this comment which is really not that insulting rather than amusing since it makes no sense. I think all you are trying to do is give yourself more credit than you deserve.

    You are not famous journalist. Or maybe you are trying to become famous by following the same shameful approach that your role model followed (Mona Tahawi) which is trash Arabs, make fun of their thinking, and I”ll be come loved and famous in the west.

    What a joke

  10. Perhaps all that sand in the Mideast is there to absorb the tears and blood of people who will not understand.

  11. Thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I will blog more often. I promise.

    Yes, my writing style can be provocative sometimes, I agree. The reason really is because I do not like to censor myself and I tend to jot down my exact thoughts. I do my best, though, not to offend anyone, but it doesn’t work, as there is always someone out there who gets offended somehow.

    Welcome back:) That’s your second comment on this blog. Just wondering, if you really hate what I talk about, why do you keep coming back? There are hundreds of Jordanian blogs out there, I’m sure you will find some that will satisfy you.

  12. I never said I hate what you talk about, did I? On the contrary, I LOVE the topics you write about and love to debate about it.

    What I did say is that your writing style is not aimed at showing your beliefs or your passion for what you believe in, rather it comes accross as if your sucking up to “someone” that could possibly stop by your blog and create from you a Mona Tahawi or a Fouad Ajami which is basically a self loathing Arab.

    I will continue to visit your blog and make comments without them being nasty comments because I don’t believe in nasty comments but I do believe in challenging misguided opinion.

    As for the hundreds of Jordanian blogs, I read many blogs, newspapers, etc… so don’t worry about me, I’m a big boy and I can decide which ones satisfy my reading curiosity.

    Note: Satisfy does not equal agreeing with the writer. Thought you should konw that as a journalist, otherwise, you’ll be dissapointed.

  13. Natasha, any time you speak in public you open yourself to nasty comments. People can be especially nasty over the internet, as it’s a chance to actually say the things you normally just mutter at the TV screen, and it doesn’t seem like you’re actually saying it to the person because it’s a web site.

    I enjoy reading your blog. And as far as self-hating Arabs goes, I’d say what you do in part is take debates I know happen within the Arab world and talk about them in English from an American base, which some will inevitably misunderstand, especially when you yourself come from a background that has a Christian slant rather than Muslim and female rather than male. These both run against what has generally dominated the debate in the region.

  14. “especially when you yourself come from a background that has a Christian slant rather than Muslim and female rather than male. These both run against what has generally dominated the debate in the region.”

    Fully agree with the above, HOWEVER, the topics that I made my comments based on that she chooses to show a certain opinion about have NOTHING to do with her being Christian or Female. They are not relegious topics nor gender topics. Its other certain topics and its the style of writing which has really nothing to do with relegion or gender.

    Note: by the way, Christian here making these comments.


  15. Well, I dont believe it has anything to do with loosing passion. but rather having more faith in your own words, and ideas which makes whatever is said to you almost non existant! I think that’s part of growing up! and it does feel really good to reach that point were we hear things but dont really listen to them! They just pass by and we know, its not about us, its about them. As Kinzi said… we pray for them! Keep it up, and sure dont stop blogging 🙂

  16. I’m often shocked by how nasty people can be when they leave comments. They seem to believe that their anonymity gives them license to act and say anything, without having to accept any responsibility for having done so. And of course, people will always understand things in a way that suits their needs, and not necessarily how you intended. It can be so frustrating sometimes!

    I love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  17. Hi Natasha
    I love your blogg and have been disappointed your comments are less frequent.

    You always have an interesting angle on things. It is a voice that needs to be heard. So keep it up. Its great the internet allows some free speech in these lands that have been so suppressed for so long. So you have to expect a bit of anger to pop out and for a few people to be irresponsible with their new-found freedom. In the end it is probably a good thing because even the irresponsible (perhaps when they read their post a few days later and balance it with others opinions) can learn a few lessons about freedom, respect, and (hopefully) thinking before writing.

    As for the label “self-loather”. It seems to me the one using it has been reading far to much pro-Zionist rubbish. Zionists coined that label to try and shame to silence the free thinkers amongst the Jews who love their people enough to actually raise a few questions about what is going on. It is a joke actually: if you raise one criticism of Israel you are anti-semitic. If however you are Jewish then you are instantly a “self-loather”. In the end, it is pretty clear that the one who cries out “self-loather” is totally locked into a victim mentality, so full of bitterness and shame themselves that anyone who is trying to be even a little bit objective is perceived as the enemy. These people are to be pitied, and, well, ignored – they have nothing constructive to offer. So don’t let their Arabic equivalent try to shame you either!


    Hope I read between the lines a new determination to write more, Natasha!

  18. “I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but frankly, I did not lose sleep over this or get upset and bite my nails. I just brushed it off and even laughed. Am I becoming less passionate?”

    No, just more selective in picking your battles. An articulate critic is worth responding to. A flamer is another matter.

  19. “I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but frankly, I did not lose sleep over this or get upset and bite my nails. I just brushed it off and even laughed. Am I becoming less passionate?”

    No, just more selective in picking your battles. An articulate critic is worth responding to. A flamer is another matter.

  20. “I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but frankly, I did not lose sleep over this or get upset and bite my nails. I just brushed it off and even laughed. Am I becoming less passionate?”

    No, just more selective in picking your battles. An articulate critic is worth responding to. A flamer is another matter.

  21. MeYouUs,

    Well then, if you are a Christian, perhaps Natasha won’t mind if I take the op to preach at you a bit as an older auntie. 🙂

    I’d like to remind you that proof of Christian maturity is a life that reflects the fruit of the Spirit:

    Self Control

    When your words and opinions reflect these characteristics, you will be less drawn to pursuing negative attention and have much more to add to the conversation. You seem to have some positive passion, communicate it differently and you will have more effective impact. I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it took me to learn it.

  22. Again, people are not reading the words carefully and analyzing what they relate to. Picking and choosing words to read is very dangerous.

    The topics that USED to dominate this blog for a while reflected what I mentioned in my previous posts. Its been a while that some of these topics have been taking stage on this blog.

    Kinzi, not sure where you were going with your message, but if you think that what I mentioned in my comments is evil, then so be it. Its honesty when I say that such a style of writing caters well to the right wing in the US and the anti Arab West and could gain someone popularity because they come accross as the rebel in the Middle East which is an “EVIL” society as far as they are concerned.

    Again, I wish everyone reads well and analyzes before they post comments that are just being posted to avoid hurting others feelings.

    In any case, I stand by the comments I made and I wish not to go more into arguing my position. If any of you find it offensive, then you can just tell each other how much you love and care about each other and tell everyone they are great so that you don’t hurt their feelings.

    As for BJ, interesting insight. I wish the Arabs do more like the zionists, eventually we would not get screwed as badly in the future as we have been screwed in the past.


  23. “I wish the Arabs do more like the zionists”

    How sad. How un-Christ-like. Just as burtugany means “orange-like”, Masee7y means “Christ-like”. Squeeze an orange you get a juice that taste like orange (Unless of course the fruit is that fake plastic stuff people use for decoration)… Squeeze a Masee7y you should be able to taste Christ. Perhaps you should change your label?

    Interesting that the “most Christ-like person that walked the earth” is said to be Ghandi – a Hindu. Shame on the christian. Maybe they should all change their label! Ghandi did not want to be like his oppressors, repaying evil for evil, but chose a better way. That starts with stepping out of the victim mentality that says “I am a victim and can therefore I have an excuse. Others are to blame for my evil”. This is what turns zionists and those fighting “the war on terror” into animals. I hope you can be free of this one day meyouus.


  24. BJ, not sure when they appointed you god, but how about you judge yourself and let the real God judge everyone else.

  25. Whoops! sorry to come on too strong there.
    Just wanted to challenge your misguided opinion that you are Christ-like 😉

  26. BJ

    Once again, I prefer that God jugdes people not another human being. In addition you don’t know me. Also just because I tell someone that their style of writing comes accross as opportunistic then you consider that un-Christ like? Nic going.

    Last comment is I really wish you read and think before you respond.

  27. keep blogging!

    no matter what you do, idiots will still be idiots and friends will still be friend

    your blogger friend in Malaysia 🙂

  28. Your Thoughts on the Rachel Ray and Dunking Donuts saga please? Deserves a whole new post.

  29. Wow. Just found your blog. Love it; will be back.

    As for the insults, it’s kind of like this: if you throw a rock into a pile of dogs, the one who yelps is the one that got hit. (And personally, I like to throw lots of rocks.)

    Let your critics snivel, let them whine, let them come unglued…it has nothing to do with you (so don’t take it personal) for each of the whiners and insulters is responsible for their own depravity and delusion. You did not make them love darkness, that is their own willful choice. You are just speaking light into their darkness, and they hate you because they love their darkness.

    Ignore it. Laugh at their duplicity. Marvel at their ignorance. But keep on blogging. 🙂

  30. Don’t worry about the bad comments…..You have a RIGHT to speak your mind…and G-d gives RIGHTS…..not bloggers and critics~!

    You have a very interesting blog!



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