Musicians attacked in Amman: The sister is ‘okay’

The news about the shooting of musicians in downtown Amman (in Arabic) was disturbing to me on so many levels, but mostly because it hit close to home. My sister was one of the musicians who took part in the concert last night. Luckily she did not witness the carnage as she decided not to take the bus home, but instead she left the concert with her friends “to get something to eat”. Her colleagues on the other hand took the bus designated to take the musicians back home and saw an enraged man shoot four Lebanese musicians who were playing alongside the musicians of the orchestra of the National Music Conservatory (NMC).

I read about the news online while I was in my office in Washington, DC a bit after 6:00 PM. My heart sank when I read that the attack targeted the NMC musicians and I called my parents immediately. My sister picked up the phone saying “I’m okay.” She explained that not only she took part in the event but that my parents were among the audience.

What a shameful act, really. Why would anyone attack musicians of all people?

According to Reuters:

A third security source said he thought the attacker had suspected the Lebanese musicians were Israelis. Israel’s treatment of Palestinians has traditionally angered some in Jordan, where anti-Israeli feelings run high.

What a shame and how idiotic? As if killing innocent civilians can ever be justified!  Pathetic!  I’m really tired of this constant mayhem. My heart goes to those who were affected by this horrendous act and I pray for a speedy recovery for the injured. 

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  1. That’s horrific! Is there any reports on why this guy started randomly shooting at musicians. Alhamdullilah your sister is okay 🙂

  2. I’m so thankful your sister and parents are safe. Such a senseless tragedy! I’m sorry you found out about it the way you did. I had a similar event in my life years ago. I was broadcasting the news live on the air and read a story about a childhood friend of mine who had been killed in Vietnam. The shock was great – and it was a hard lesson…afterwards I always pre-read my copy. Years later I was able to touch his name on the Wall in Washington along with that of a roommate lost in that senseless war. The pain is still here.

  3. Mad stuff. Who know why he did it. Sorry to those who were effected by the madness in one way or another. Glad your sister is ok.
    I can’t help commenting on the quote: “Israel’s treatment of Palestinians has traditionally angered some in Jordan.” I think Israelis’ treatment of Palestinians angers many in the world, not “some in Jordan.” But I think that is besides the point: Why add things like that when you have no idea what the cause of the incident were?
    Reminds me of the Oklahoma bombing a few years ago, when the brain dead mainstream media reporters immediately jumped on the “Arab terrorists” and “Muslim terrorists” bandwagon. Judge not until you know all the facts, and even then, leave some space for you being wrong.


  4. First of all I’m glad that your sister and Parents are doing just fine. Secondly, violence against civilains should be denounced and never be justified, wither the civilians are Palestinians, Americans, Israelis or Jordanians. An innocent life is not to be shed by anger

  5. Do you guys ever express any opinions beyond the obvious? Yes killing is bad and yes everyone is shocked that the secret police did not know about this. The official version is that the guy is crazy, but then again, the official version is often in a different reality plane.

    You guys in Amman live in a small city where news which get around through word of mouth is a lot more accurate that the nonsense printed in the newspapers and the pointless bulls**t spouted on TV. Why not tell us what really happened? I mean your sister (who I am happy is OK) must know someone who saw what happened – so you are two degrees of separation away from the incident.

  6. Yes it is an awful act to murder just any body,I do think in this case it was a good thing that the so called “victims” where just some random ass hole leb’s..So no i will not cry no tears over it..

  7. Yes it is an awful act to murder just any body,I do think in this case it was a good thing that the so called “victims” where just some random ass hole leb’s..So no i will not cry no tears over it..

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