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Online resources to help your audience understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Whether you’re trying to put the latest escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian violence in context for your audience or trying to stay informed yourself, here’s a list of social media accounts to check out, followed by a list of sites that can help you understand the background on the conflict: On Facebook A number of journalists […]

What happens when a ‘full-blooded American’ sends a letter to a ‘foreign’ mom in Suburbia

Last week I experienced my first racist incident in the eight years I have been living in the U.S. I have seen and heard of racism happening to others, but this time it hit close to home. It was an attack against the core of who I am. I don’t want to get into many […]

Recent Visit to Amman Reveals: When in Doubt, Blame the Syrians

  By Natasha Tynes — The Huffington Post While visiting family and friends in Amman, Jordan last week after being away for over two years, I was constantly being asked about my observations on Amman, and whether it had changed since I was last there in October 2010. During the first couple of days, I […]

Fired over a tweet, Octavia Nasr says journalists need protection from social media flame wars

Social media are easy to use, but those quick tweets and status updates can be dangerous for journalists who want to keep their jobs. As more journalists get reprimanded or fired by employers over social media, former CNN correspondent Octavia Nasr told IJNet in an interview that employers should hold employees accountable to company standards […]

A journalist and new mom on the potential of Instagram

Lately, I’m struck by the massive potential that the iPhone photo app Instagram provides for journalists worldwide. See, these days I’m into photos, especially baby photos, or to be more precise, twins photos. When I had my twins last October, I wanted to document every step of their growth by taking pictures–lots and lots of […]