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Rima Taha

Jordan’s Rima Taha poses with the gold medal she won in the women’s long jump final at the 3rd West Asian Games in Doha December 8, 2005. Photo by Jamal Saidi for Reuters

Great work Rima, and as we say in Jordan:
Rafa3ti Rasna رفعتي راسنا

Getting a baseball education

Headed for firstAs part of a new subscriber promotion, our cable company, Comcast, decided to give us free tickets for a baseball game between the DC Nationals and the Florida Marlins. So the other day we made our way to RFK, the stadium for DC’s Nationals for me to get an education watching this all-American experience live. I must admit, the overall atmosphere was exhilarating with live music and vendors wandering here and there shouting out names of different kinds of beer and other merchandise.

It was also fascinating to see the excitement of a crowd that came from all walks of life. As to the game itself, well, frankly, I really did not get that much of what was going on. Although the husband spent most of the duration of the game explaining the rules to me, I only managed to come away with the following: there is a guy who hits the ball and then runs from one base to the other before someone "tags" him out!

While it was very thrilling to watch baseball live, I thought the game dragged an eternity, as it lasted over three hours. I also felt it lacked the continual excitement provided by some of my favorite sports like football (not American) or basketball. But all in all the experience was memorable and well worth the time and the effort. Go Nationals!

Orry and I


Since I still can’t get over how ugly Orry is, I decided to take a picture with him just for the sake of it. For non-Qatari residents, Orry is the mascot that was chosen for the 2006 Asian Games that will be held in Doha. The organizers are proud of Orry:

Constructed over 40 days, the statue took no less than 400 litres of paint, nearly 8 tonnes of steel and 40 blocks of 2 x 8 x 16 foot polystyrene, to bring to life the embodiment and symbolic personality of the games.

This mammoth, hideous creature now occupies a very dominant place along Doha’s lovely Corniche. Right next to him is a huge digital clock counting down the number of days, hours and minutes remaining until the games begin. Neat idea, but Orry is just ugly, ugly, ugly!

Tennis anyone?

Dubai never ceases to amaze me. The pictures enlarge on click. Click here for a Burj al Arab reference.

In preparation for the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open, tennis legend, Andre Agassi and the world No. 1, Roger Federer, couldn’t resist the temptation to have a friendly knock about on the world’s highest tennis court, the helipad of Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel. Both players are in Dubai to compete in the US$1 million Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open, which is the first round of the two-week Dubai Tennis Championships.

Roger Federer serves on the Burj Tennis on the Burj al Arab helipad Federer hits it over while Agassi watches

Source: [Burj Al Arab tennis] Via: [Boing Boing]

Is this cool or what? Will Dubai ever stop producing creative, out-of-this-world ideas? I doubt it. It really is fantasyland.

Golf: One Jordanian’s experience

Yes, we're all first-timers

It’s nearly 9:30 PM here and I’m already beat! The reason is that I was spending a very pleasant day engaging in a sport in which I have never taken a real interest: Golf. As Ghalia is still in town we decided to spend the day doing something out of the norm (at least for us). So we, joined by Amal, made our way to the Doha Golf Club. It was loads of fun, not only because it was such a unique experience but also because the weather was extremely pleasant and the place itself was very lush — something we miss deeply living as we do in the desert.

I have always known that I was horrible at sports and today was just another reminder. All my husband’s relentless efforts to teach me to swing the golf club were useless. I’m just not in tune with my body, that’s a fact that I have to live with. Regardless of my frustrating efforts to swing that damn club I had a great time, especially after I put down the club for a bit and spent the day taking pictures of our adventure. Would I do it again? Oh yeah, in a heartbeat. Click the pictures for enlargements

Ghalia gets ready
Time for pictures
Hubby gives it a whack