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One cousin skydiving

C. Lamber skydiving

This is Carl Lambert, my cousin on Jeff’s side, skydiving. His hobby is discussed more in this link. Isn’t this just so cool? Though I must admit I would be too scared to do it.

Jordan, Iraq mull over World Cup bid

Sounds improbable, but Prince Faisal of Jordan thinks it could happen one day.

Jordan and Iraq are mulling a possible joint bid to stage soccer’s biggest showcase after 2014, the prince said Wednesday in The Times and Guardian newspapers.

"The situation at the moment would make any bid ludicrous," Prince Faisal was quoted as saying. "What will things be like in five years time? It could be a very prosperous nation. If the conditions are right, people will take it seriously."’

Soccer is hugely popular in Iraq, and the national soccer team reached the semifinals at the Olympic tournament in Athens. Because FIFA is rotating the World Cup around the world, the next opportunity for the Middle East, which comes under the Asian confederation, would be 2018.

Source: [TSN] Via: [And Far Away]

Could it happen? Maybe. Certainly if it did, it will make me a happy camper. Nothing breaks stereotypes like a good match of football!

Back to work

Skiing in Faraya

Back to work after a wonderful vacation in Beirut where I skied for the very first time in my life.

The highlight of the day was a phone call from my friend Sandy who called from Amman. She said I was on her mind 🙂 She is also planning to come to Doha in March and will be staying with us for two days!!

Jeff’s blog

Yaaaaaaay! Tomorrow is the weekend. Not that there are many exciting things to do in this country, but it will be good to get some sleep and chill for a bit.

The company is hosting a dinner tomorrow at the Sheraton Hotel. No special occasion, they just felt like it.This should be interesting.

The highlight of my day was that Jeff started blog and posted his very first entry. It was quite amusing to see that while I wrote maybe one sentence about the tennis games that we have been attending, Jeff wrote something like six paragraphs.

The day was slow and boring as my editor was in a bad mood and did not feel like working!

Meanwhile, the apartment hunt continues!

Morning drama

A very quiet day for a morning that started with a bang. The morning drama was a car accident! I was on my way to work in a taxi when the driver bumped into a car trying to change lanes! After realizing that I was still in one piece, I got out of the car, paid him his fare and took another cab to work. Pretty exciting stuff!

As for the evening plans — it’s tennis for now. We are hoping to watch the semi finals of the Qatar International Tournament that will end tomorrow.

As it is a public holiday today — Friday — hunting for an apartment is quite impossible! So it is just tennis!

My friends from Jordan and elswhere have been keeping in constant touch with me — something that pleases me to no end. I just got a call this morning from my friend Lara (a.k.a Armanieh) and last night my friend Dalia in Duabi called and we chatted for more than half an hour. I miss them terribly!

I also received a glossy 2004 calendar this morning from my friend Heather in Minnesota. It was very thoughtful of her and helped me forget my morning drama.

Tennis time

So the highlight of the weekend was tennis. An international tennis tournament is currently taking place in Doha with the participation of the ;top 10 male players in the world. We got free tickets for all the games thanks to our friend Addasi. We watched a game yesterday between the German Rainer Schuettler and the Russian MichailYouzhny. Lots of fun!

We are going to see an apartment at 5:30 today. The agent said he would pick us up from the hotel, so let’s wait and see. Agents here are very incompetent, so I don’t have high hopes.