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You can contact me by sending an Email to: ntynes[at] I usually respond within a day or two.


  1. <fb:name linked=Reda Issa's Gravatar" src="" width="45" height="45" /> Reda Issa
    January 12, 2012    

    Hi I’m Libyan Journalist,,, I hope to meet u,, if U to know more,,

    Reda Issa

  2. June 10, 2014    

    Dear Natasha


    I hope you are fine. It has been long since we met or spoke to each other via emails. I guess your ICFJ email address is not valid as well while I don’t have any other one to reach you.

    I need your help in finding the best set of professional for this well-budgeted documentary on Pakistan’s ailing and corrupted health system. Besides including in IJnet bulletin, please refer to some personal friends who might like to pitch for it while cc-ing me for any queries.

    I will be obliged for help in spreading the word.

    Best regards

    Naveed Ahmad
    Islamabad, Pakistan

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