I’ve been working late

I haven’t blogged in a while, the reason is simply because I have been working. I have been moved to the B shift which is the afternoon shift, from 2:00 PM until 11:30 PM. So my days have been basically work and nothing more.

I started going back home (which is a still a hotel room) by ‘limo’. It’s not really a limo but that’s what they call it here. It is basically a nice looking car with a driver in a uniform. He charges around 15 Riyal which is around 3JD or nearly $5 to take me back to the hotel.

I feel much safer taking the ‘limo’ than waiting in the street at midnight for a cab. The driver is a nice Sri Lankan called Janica. His English is poor so is his Arabic, but we manage to communicate somehow.
The big day is coming soon. On Sunday we are moving to our first apartment together. Janica might come in handy on that day since we might need his limo!

Productive weekend

It’s 10:00 PM now and I’m still at work. There are four of us here so there is a light work load. As I’m currently doing nothing. I thought I might jot down a few lines about the weekend. It was very productive.

We signed the lease for the apartment and we are very excited to move, as it will be our first apartment together. The apartment is big: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and a veranda. We will start moving next Sunday and hopefully be in there by Monday.

The tricky part is that the actual apartment will not be ready before March, but the landlord was nice enough to let us stay in an apartment in the same building until the work on our apartment (apartment number 12) finishes.

After we signed the contract on Monday night we went to a fancy Iranian restaurant called Shebstani to celebrate … very good food and excellent service.

Also on Monday, I got a six-month multiple visa to Lebanon which is cool. Jeff’s job hunting is going well with a number of leads to pursue. He put a goal for himself to find a job by the end of this month. I’m also using my contacts here to distribute his CV, so things are looking good.

On Sunday we got ourselves a subscription with a DVD rental place called "DVD corner". We rented Identity, Adaptation, 28 Days Later and All about My Mother

We watched Identiy and Adaptation and both were really good. We are planning to watch 28 days later after I get back from work at midnight 😉

An early Sunday

We started the day early. Woke up at 9:00 am and headed to the Lebanese Embassy. It is located in a very nice area called “Dafneh”, very lushy with very nice villas around. Applying for the visa went very smoothly and didn’t take more than five minutes. I’m supposed to pick up my passport with the visa on it tomorrow at noon.

As for Jeff and his blue passport, well, he can pick up the visa from Beirut’s airport, no sweat.

After that we went to Landmark and had a very nice lunch at Pizza Express, a British Pizza chain that’s becoming one of Jeff’s favourite restaurants here. After lunch we did a quick bit of grocery shopping and headed back to the hotel.

We are very close to nailing down a very nice apartment. We discussed the final additions to the contract last night with our agent and — if all goes well — tomorrow we will sign the contract.

I’m planning to dedicate a whole journal on the apartment. I just wanna make sure it is all good before I spill the beans.

As to the rest of the day, it will be mostly chiling, reading and of course movies.

Jeff’s blog

Yaaaaaaay! Tomorrow is the weekend. Not that there are many exciting things to do in this country, but it will be good to get some sleep and chill for a bit.

The company is hosting a dinner tomorrow at the Sheraton Hotel. No special occasion, they just felt like it.This should be interesting.

The highlight of my day was that Jeff started blog and posted his very first entry. It was quite amusing to see that while I wrote maybe one sentence about the tennis games that we have been attending, Jeff wrote something like six paragraphs.

The day was slow and boring as my editor was in a bad mood and did not feel like working!

Meanwhile, the apartment hunt continues!