Morning drama

A very quiet day for a morning that started with a bang. The morning drama was a car accident! I was on my way to work in a taxi when the driver bumped into a car trying to change lanes! After realizing that I was still in one piece, I got out of the car, paid him his fare and took another cab to work. Pretty exciting stuff!

As for the evening plans — it’s tennis for now. We are hoping to watch the semi finals of the Qatar International Tournament that will end tomorrow.

As it is a public holiday today — Friday — hunting for an apartment is quite impossible! So it is just tennis!

My friends from Jordan and elswhere have been keeping in constant touch with me — something that pleases me to no end. I just got a call this morning from my friend Lara (a.k.a Armanieh) and last night my friend Dalia in Duabi called and we chatted for more than half an hour. I miss them terribly!

I also received a glossy 2004 calendar this morning from my friend Heather in Minnesota. It was very thoughtful of her and helped me forget my morning drama.


What a busy day, I’m overwhelmed! Lots of stories to work on and many things to take care of. I was told the food allowance request has been finally approved. This is very good as I have been batteling with this for a month.

The apartment search is still going on but no success so far. I am trying to locate this agent called Daniel but he is not picking up his mobile phone.

We are very excited about the upcoming trip to Lebanon — if it happens! It all depends on my job and if my boss agrees to give me days off! I’m hopeful.

Ah, Daniel just picked up! We are meeting him on Saturday at 6:00 P.M. He said he wants to show us two apartments. We’ll see. Pray for us!

Vacation time

The apartment we saw yesterday was HORRIBLE! The agents picked us up from the hotel and took us to this hideous neighbourhood where we checked out the place. We answered them on the spot: “No, thanks. Next!”

The hunt continues as we are seeing another one this evening.

I filled in a vacation form this morning asking for few days off during the Muslim eid — which is normally a public holiday. As a journalist, I ‘m deprived of any public holiday as the news must go on. Anway, the desired destination is Lebanon to visit my sister and her family. I’m not sure if my employers would let me go as I have been working here for two months only…we shall see!

Tennis time

So the highlight of the weekend was tennis. An international tennis tournament is currently taking place in Doha with the participation of the ;top 10 male players in the world. We got free tickets for all the games thanks to our friend Addasi. We watched a game yesterday between the German Rainer Schuettler and the Russian MichailYouzhny. Lots of fun!

We are going to see an apartment at 5:30 today. The agent said he would pick us up from the hotel, so let’s wait and see. Agents here are very incompetent, so I don’t have high hopes.