My Name is Natasha Tynes and I’m an author, storyteller, and a digital strategist


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What I do

Digital media strategist

Through my agency Suburban Media Group where I provide digital media services including digital media strategy, book marketing, and community management. 


I run a YouTube channel where I review books I read and discuss everything related to writing and storytelling.


I’m the author of the speculative novel They Called Me Wyatt.

My short stories have appeared in Geometry, The Timerbline Review and Fjords. My story Ustaz Ahamd received a special award at the F. Scott Fitzgerald literary festival.

Public speaker

II have appeared on a number of national and international TV programs, including Larry King Live, PBS’s Foreign Exchange, Paula Zahn show, CBS’s Morning show, Scarborough Country, BBC’s Up all night, among others..


I am a  regular contributor to a number of publications inside and outside the United States. My non-fiction work has appeared in the Washington Post, Nature Magazine, Elle Magazine, The Post, Esquire magazine, Aljazeera, among others.  

Podcast host

I co-host the podcast, ExpaTalk, where we chat with Arab entrepreneurs, luminaries, and creatives.


From my blog

Picking myself

Picking myself

Last month was a hard month for me. I received unexpected, unwelcome news that left me doubting my skills. A writing project that I had been working on for a year just fell through, taking a major toll on my confidence and sense of self-worth. I don't have the energy...

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How to turn every morning into a Christmas morning

How to turn every morning into a Christmas morning

Imagine every morning is a Christmas morning? How wonderful life will be then? That's the idea behind Hal Elrod's book The Miracle Morning, one of the best books that I have read this year. . He starts off by saying that many of us live a mediocre life, although we...

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How Atomic Habits changed my life

How Atomic Habits changed my life

Every once in a while, you find a gem of a book that changes your life. This book for me is Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book not only has changed my life but also made me much happier. When I'm happier I'm a better mother, partner, employee, daughter, and...

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What I do

Published articles

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My books

They Called Me Wyatt

When Jordanian student Siwar Salaiha is murdered on her birthday in College Park, Maryland, her consciousness survives, finding refuge in the body of a Seattle baby boy. Stuck in this speech-delayed three-year old body, Siwar tries but fails to communicate with Wyatt’s parents, instead, she focuses on solving the mystery behind her murder. 

Fast-forward twenty-two years. Wyatt is a well-adjusted young man with an affinity towards the Middle East and a fear of heights. While working on his graduate degree in Middle Eastern studies, Wyatt learns about Siwar’s death, which occurred twenty-five years ago. For reasons he can’t explain, he grows obsessed with Siwar and spends months investigating her death, which police at the time erroneously ruled as suicide. 
His leads take him to Amman, Jordan where after talking to her friends and family members and through his special connection with the deceased, he discovers a clue that unravels the mystery of her death. Will Siwar get justice after all?


My published articles

“Enjoyed talking to @NatashaTynes at the #ifjcdinner in DC. She’s a Jordanian-American with fantastic insight into the Arabic Twitter world.”  

 Sean Garrett, Ex-Communications Director, Twitter, Inc.