Censoring Frida

An Egyptian plane crashed early this morning and I am very busy. No time to praise Frida. Just quickly, I enjoyed every single minute of it and mainly the colors!

The only bummer though was that the movie was heavily edited. Why? Welcome to the Middle East. A number of “immoral” scenes are usually cut out by the censorship department. Not nice Gotta get the DVD!

Plans, plans, plans

Yes, we have some plans tonight. We are going to watch Frida. The thing about Doha movie theatres is that they are two years behind and new flicks rarely make it. I have always thought that Amman was a bit backward in this regard, but it seems like Doha is worse.

Anyway, the movie is supposed to be really good and I have high hopes. The venue is as usual — Landmark mall.

Stay tuned for my humble review!

The best couple

My mom called last night to wish us a Happy New Year and she shared a very amusing story. My parents won the best couple competition at the church’s New Year Eve’s party.

During the competition, they asked my Dad: “What is the first thing that your wife says when she wakes up in the morning?” and my Dad answered: “Have you made coffee yet?” Apparently, Dad got it right!

Good news!

So I have been working all day! Yes, it is New Year’s day, but I didn’t have a choice. The managing editor was nice enough to let me come in at 10:00 am instead of 7:00 am which was somehow acceptable!

Yesterday I received an official letter stating that I passed my probabtion period at Al jazeera. Now, I am an official Jazeera employee ๐Ÿ™‚ Good news ๐Ÿ™‚

Jeff and I had a cozy dinner last night at an Italian restaurant at the Ramada Hotel called “The Italian Job”. We had a really good time as it was our first New Year’s Eve together as husband and wife ๐Ÿ™‚

It is a busy day today and I have to get back to work.

Success story

I just read this article in the Jordan Times and it put a huge smile on my face. The article tells the success story of my friend’s family buisness. Very impressive! Keep up the good work, Fairuz!

Businesswoman succeeds in establishing several potential export leads

AMMAN (JT) โ€” Jordanian women-owned manufacturer of terry-towels participates in international trade show for the first time, and succeeds in establishing several potential export leads.

As the eldest in the family, Fairuz Nahar was handed down the business and responsibility of running the towel factory that her father started in 1990. Nahar senior revolutionised the weaving industry for Jordan, by starting the only such business of its kind and size, and by patenting his own inventions for improving the functionality of weaving machines.

Fairuz had a tough act to follow. At a time when competition in the terry-towel industry is fierce among regional neighbours, the Nahar family โ€” under the leadership of first her father and now Fairuz โ€” managed to create an internationally recognised name for their company and for Jordan as a high quality manufacturer and exporter of towels.

With her father’s experience and her business acumen, Fairuz at 24, brought a fresh approach to the family business. Loaded with improved pile designs, and with the Jordan United States Business Partnership, (JUSBP) help, the correct marketing material, Fairuz was ready for more visibility in the international market place.

First stop, the Beirut International Exhibition, Lebanon, which took place end of September. The USAID funded SME development programme, JUSBP, assisted Fairuz in participating at the trade show, and that, in turn, helped this ambitious manager land several potential new contracts and possibilities of locating distributors and agents.

Fairuz said, โ€œParticipating at international trade shows addresses the need for our business to look for new trade opportunities and a new global environment. The trade show was an excellent experience. We were all sold out of the towels I had brought for display purposes! Several five star hotels and upper end market buyers expressed interest in buying our towels. Our quality and price fared well when compared to towels from abroad.โ€

On future plans, Fairuz is now working on a feasibility study to enter the US market and on expanding operations.